US F-15E crashes in Libya

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by Jungelism, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. I heard that they're making the pilot walk back for not first parading his chariot properly.....
  2. They should make him carry his ejector seat back to base together with the tail fin number as proof that the aircraft is dead

    Beat me to it!!!
  3. Newsfeeds various reporting mechanical failure, one crewman safe, the other being recovered.

    Meanwhile the Sun tells us;
    Now there's something you don't see every day.
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

  5. I wonder how long until we see a statue in Tripoli with a clenched fist holding a Bald Eagle.

    Then how long the bloody thing lasts before a 2000lb bomb moves it about 500ft down the street.

    Like I said in the other thread, hope he's grand and gets back to base ok.

    Ps, how long now until we see a new, Behind Enemy Lines film, with someone taking on half Gaddafi's army.
  6. They keep referring to pilot in the singular sense. There should be two, unless it's an F-15C, but they're strictly air-to-air. Confused reporting I guess.
  7. read the article. one has been recovered safely already.
  8. Ah, 'twas updated. Cheers.
  9. Sounds like he got out OK.

    Bold - When I was on Op Warden, the Green Berets from the 10th SFG were on permanent stand-by near Diyarbakir on the Iraqi border as an extraction team should any aircraft go down. One did in late '93 Here, where the pilot was located, the ground secured and he was successfully evacuated within 45 mins IIRC.

    Since Vietnam, the US don't piss-about with downed aircrew extraction*. Apparently the Iraqi rescue was very impressive, so I've been told by the RAF who were on Ops then.

    *-Notwithstanding the Scott O'Grady Incident :wink:
  10. And how long before we see Union Jacks, 'No Surrender' murals on Tripoli gable ends, red, white and blue kerb stones and little Arabs called Billy cutting about in Rangers tops singing 'The Sash'?

    Shut up you stupid Irish ****.
  11. Hope they get the other chap back soonest.

    I imagine its somewhat comforting to think that should something go wrong Kearsage et al are lurking about just of the coast with helos and marines ready to come get you.
  12. It's pretty well preserved apart from the aluminium bits which have melted. Quite bizarre, just looks like it's fallen straight down.
  13. My bold .... no need to thank me. But if you're going to slag someone else off it might be worth being accurate.