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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. Not rubbing anyones nose in it ......Dev, we've been confirmed as going on this in September at a time yet to be confirmed.

    I know for a fact that there are/were 50 places on the programme with only five going to Jockland, hmmm an unfair bias? not that I'm complaining as its five of us from the RTC.

    But that means that there 45 other bods going some of which may be on here, is that the case? if so what have you heard, we've heard sod all apart froma breif at Chilwell that we're only sending 2 folk on and "get an armynet e-mail address"
  2. 5 to you , oohh how lucky !! Try being TA in Germany ! Last year we had 4 guys go on an Exchange . the first time in 10 years !!!
  3. Only me plus 1 cpl from my regt have a place (I should be off in July baring any extra hurdles put in my way). There are 7 others on the reserve list but I think they have all been before.

    Like you, all I've heard is be at Chilwell on the 7th.
  4. myself and my PC have been given a place have not heard anything about chillwell part, been told mid august happy days, does anyone no if infantry exchange with the same units out there or is anything goes and we might end with a laundry unit :D
  5. I've the note which says who is going where, so if you PM me your details I'll have a look.
  6. Will do, as far as we're aware its Texas NG in Austin...
  7. Unless there where >10% of the bids from Jockland and all of those bids where as valid as any other, this is just chip-on-shoulder stuff mate.

    Why on earth would there be an anti-Jock bias?
  8. Wasn't a chip, was thinking about it a bit later and reckoned it would all be proportional to the amount of TA personnel in Scotland and as you say the nominations.
  9. Did any body go to chillwell i found the brief pretty good I'm off to the great lakes, nobody fancy the exchange with the marine core
  10. My Troopie has expressed an interest in that assuming the RMR don't take up all four places.
  11. Thanks for that GB I'll look the links up when more compus mentus.
    Hmmmmmmn Pizza!
  12. Only the USA...we are off to the South on France in July..the States??? pah :)

    and we have loads of places....anyone interested? :D
  13. Need an interpreter / heli handler ? 8)
  14. We went there in 2001 and worked with 7 RPIMA (IIRC), a para/commando unit. R&R was in Montpellier if you survived the French wings course held beforehand!