US envoy warns of Iraq civil war

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 8, 2006.

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    Shame you didn't think about that before Von Rumsfeld.

    How in God's name is this man still being taken seriously?
  2. Because a shaved chimp that hears voices is running the show? :?

    I still can't believe that despite the time-gap between GWI and GWII, seemingly scant predictive analysis was done about a post-Saddam scenario. A cursory glance at the population statistics show that it was a nightmare waiting to happen if it wasn't managed properly. I certainly don't have access to all of the data that the coalition powers have, but I don't think that enough troops / infrastructure support personnel were committed in the immediate post-war period in order that civic amenities were restored with all possible speed, thus the seeds of discontent were sown early, making subsequent recruitment of support for insurgent groups easy.

    I know that it was never going to be an easy transition: for simple reasons of trust the old regime structure (including the army and the police-force) had to be completely disabled, but if an invading power is going to do that, wholesale replacements have to be shipped in - something the Nazis were actually very good at.
  3. The analysis was done - but as it conflicted with the prevailing groupthink it was ignored. General Shinseki stood up to Rumsfeld and demanded more troops, and was promptly sacked and replaced with a more compliant individual. The US have always had some excellent analysts, it's just that the current administration doesn't listen - or worse, places its own appointees into intelligence agencies to make sure their outputs stay "on-message".