US Engineer wins Medal of Honor

The White House has announced that President George W. Bush will present the Medal of Honor to the widow of U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Paul R. Smith on April 4, two years after he died holding off an attack by Iraqi troops near Baghdad. A combat engineer with the 3rd Infantry Division's 11th Engineer Battalion, Smith organized his soldiers to block the advance of about 100 enemy troops after the engineers discovered them preparing an attack. His decisive actions are credited with protecting many lives, but cost his own.

Good to see an Engineer proving that we can do the combat part of combat engineer as well as the next man - although a great pity that it cost him his life.

My apologies if this has appeared somewhere else on the site before.
Yep Good to read Pasty Boy, a Medal of Honour and a V.C. awarded within a couple of weeks of each other, respect where respect is due they are the Pilgrims unlike the majority of us.
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