US election & Trump's government

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 10, 2016.

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  1. I vaguely remember that Adolf had Mr Porsche running Citroen using a similar approach to staff recruitment and retention
  2. Why on earth would Trump want to closely control the entry of Muslims to the US??????????

    Very, very, puzzling.

    As for all the left wing, liberal , ultra-PC Democratic leaning people around the world who deplore the fact that Trump was elected...gosh I wonder why that happened???????

    Life is such a mystery.
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  3. It was. He thought he was making a pact with the devil and said as much - I spend money on border patrols & accelerate deportations and you'll do comprehensive immigration reform.

    He was conned...

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  4. Quite.

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  5. I'm sure the dying baby the policy blocked is an existential threat to the United States...

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  6. How can you be certain that is true? Another fib?

    This Syrian refugee for example turned out to be a granny grabbing Tunisian pants man.

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  7. Baby? It's not the Iraqi woman who died, waiting to come back to the U.S. Funny thing was the huffington post, didn't mention she died January 22nd in the original article....
  8. And I assume the U.S had some amazing treatment not available in any country, but the U.S?
  9. Loada tosh. They could not have afforded the pi55 taking fee's that US quacks demand for their time.
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  10. I walked past this stupidity on my way to the 6 train after work
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  11. They're all at it.

    File this under the “Things I’m Not Shocked to See” category. As it turns out, one of the “antifa” attackers from the Milo Yiannpoulos event in California the other night has been identified. Not only that, he draws a paycheck from the UC Berkeley administration.

    Read on. If you are going to assault people it isn't very smart to boast about it afterwards on twitter. He, like the NYU prof believes that is perfectly acceptable to punch people in the face for disagreeing with their political opinions..

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  12. It seems pointing out things like this idiot aren't nice

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  13. This is by far the most balanced account so far of Soros' influence that I have found.

    I first heard of him when I was at uni studying economics back in 2000. The big news in the olden days was the Asian Financial Crisis and one of the case studies was the attack on the Quantum attack on the Ringgit.

    Who do you back in that one? Mahathir an absolute rolled gold turd or a comlpetely amoral bastard like Soros?

    When today Tump tweeted.

    “Professional anarchists, thugs and paid protesters are proving the point of the millions of people who voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

    There is no doubt that the paymaster he intimated was Soros.

    There is no way on Gods green earth that within minutes of the Gorsuch appointment crowds can spontaneously erupt with neat screen printed signs protesting that fact without a healthy injection of cash.


    Or indeed take an each way bet with a permanent marker.


    Resist, resist, oppose, whatever, these drones are fooling no one.

    The good news is that he is very old and most likely to cark it sometime in Trump's first term.
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  14. Was this your reaction to it?
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