US election results and impact in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. Republicans hold both houses and things stay the same

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  2. Republicans hold both houses and look for exit strategy

  3. Democrats take one house and stalemate

  4. Democrats take both houses and shaft Dubya

  1. So, what will happen in Novemebr? Will the Republicans lose control? Will there be a scrabble for an exit strategy? Will the Democrats establish various investigatory Committees? Will Bush be impeached? Will Bliar be left dangling by his leash?
  2. Given that the Democrats have little or no defence policy and have chopped and changed their minds on Iraq it might actually be interesting to see just how badly the Repubs do. Oh and the American economy continues to do well (Dow hit 12000 the other day) not that you'd know that from all the gloom and doom in the Yank press.


    "A front-page story in today's Washington Post reports an upsurge in violence in Baghdad during the past three weeks. But the Post failed to report the sharp reduction in such violence during August that corresponded with the arrival of more U.S. forces. And it fails to mention that reduction in today's article even though (or, more likely, because) doing so would help the reader evaluate the overall effect of our presence.

    In a military engagement like this one, some months will be better than others. A newspapers that reports the statistics from the relatively bad months but buries those from the relatively good ones is not an honest newspaper. "

    It will be close I think as Karl Rove's cunning plan to let the Dems open their gobs and stick boots in comes to fruition.

    Roll on 8 Nov (the day after) and watch the Guardian etc backtrack if their mates lose!