US Economy In Surprise Slowdown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Sep 7, 2013.

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  1. I would have thought that working in the porn industry is only part-time work anyway. Not thatI know a lot about the ins and outs of the job anyway
  2. Didn't they teach that at school?
  3. AAGF


    Guess not every story has a happy ending ...
  4. I see what you did there!
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  5. Its a massive business here, employing loads of bodies, effectively running in parralell to the day to day TV and film industry. The slowdown to the industry has been caused by the rise and proliferation of web porn and the corresponding shift in employers. Meaning that traditional non-acting, if you can call it acting, technical production emloyment is dropping off and shifting to internet savvy companies. Porn is moving from oganised crime producers to techno savvy geeks.

    I think that someone at the Telegraph watched the same CNN business report on the US porn industy that I watched a couple of weeks ago.

    Other than that the economy finally seem to be picking up a bit, more jobs need filling, more construction, a more upbeat attitude. The stupid thing though, I can again already go out and buy a house I can't afford, an $80,000 car with no deposit and apply for half a dozen creditcards. Give it 8 - 10 years and it'll happen all over again, only worse.
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  6. Are you telling me there is free porn on the web, when did this happen?
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  7. Having being to a Catholic school, yes they do. :(
  8. Apparently. However, use the infernal googlinator with the search terms: memsahib's bare ankle; busks galore. They seem to show nothing of any value or interest.

    Commonsense would tell that there is an ongoing business shift in the techno entertainment industry and that is basically what was presented on CNN. Employment down in the current market delivery chain and as the employees there understand the industry they will gradually move over to the new market chain retaining the employment status quo.
  9. Fabian Thylmann of Manwin is the man - he runs the biggest internet porn site empire in the world which has made him an estimated USD 200 million.
  10. I thought most porn was pirated these days?

    Who on earth pays for it!!
  11. My school sucked. Apart from that it was a Christian Brothers school in Ireland in the 70s so no they definitely did not teach us that at school.
  12. My mrs is net savvy as are my two sprogs, so I could'nt watch net porn without risk of homelessness because the kids have bumped into some biology lessons I had been watching. I do know from reports though that the online availability of porn through some of the major producers in the online business rivals some TV channels for hours of viewable "programming" available on demand online. Add to that the monhl subscription of $10 - $15 and its a thriving industry. There was even a bunch of pensioners down in Orlando, Fl., with their own website knocking out granny porn and doing quite nicely from the business.
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  13. Bet most of the blokes on here have a got a stash hidden away on a flash or other hard drive. There are plenty of military type encryption programs out there to keep it hidden from prying eyes (not clever enough to fool the feds though).

    Of course most will deny it but then they would wouldn't they..:wave:
  14. Did the priests not show you the ropes?