US Economy - Good news.

Wow! It is reported that the US economy has grown by 3.3% over a given period. Good for them.

But, are their government statisticans any better than ours? Or are they more loosely controlled and directed by their government to report what the government wants reported?

Whatever, is it not fortuitous that this good news comes only a month or two before a Presidential election?

I bet our appalling government will pull a trick or two out of the hat before our next General election. Meanwhile we are being bled dry by the imposition of tax after tax after tax.
OK, I'll bite.

This isn't of any great shock, or of any help to McCain. The drastic interest rate cuts from the end of last year are just starting filter through, all be it a bit more quickly than might be expected (it usually takes a year or so). Add the rebate that most American's received a few months back (though much of that was spent on bills as opposed to growth-generating spending), and it's clear the US will be on its way back by the end of the year.

That being said, all this takes time to filter through to normal foke. It will be the middle of next year before it's felt on the ground.

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