US drone strikes in tribal areas boost support for Taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. From The Times
    March 10, 2010
    US drone strikes in Pakistan tribal areas boost support for Taleban

    At least 55 strikes by unmanned drones have occurred since President Obama's inauguration. There were only 45 during the Bush era
    Anthony Loyd, Peshawar

    The deafening explosion rent the calm of the winter night. A house disappeared in a cloud of flame and dust, its thick earthen walls splaying into the street.

    “We ran from our house to help but it was after curfew, and soldiers in a nearby post began to fire on us,” Amir Shah Jehn, 25, said. “So it wasn’t until morning that the bodies were pulled from the rubble and laid at the roadside. There were five dead: a three-month-old baby, the woman of the house, two young men and an Arab.”

    It was November 2005. The strike on a house sheltering an Egyptian al-Qaeda commander, Abu Hamza Rabia, in the village of Hamzoni five miles (8km) outside Miran Shah, the capital of North Waziristan, was one of the first carried out by a Predator drone in Pakistani tribal areas.

    “We didn’t know what happened back then,” said Amir, an alias he uses for security reasons. “But now it’s routine. There is the constant sound of drones. Sometimes up to seven are flying over us. We call them jasoos — spies.
  2. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    They got the Arab. Job done.
  3. So I don't get this article. It's almost playing both sides of the fence here. Well the tactic is paying off but those naughty americans and their border excursions.

    Why is it in every single article I read, AQ and Taliban has Carte Blanche to do as they please but in adopting their game gets the whistle?

    Journos afraid to call them out because they know the US won't lop off their heads?
  4. Just a pity he wasn't inside your house at the time.
  5. And meanwhile the Taliban are busy winning hearts and minds by torture and murder of the locals?

    Make up your mind journo!
  6. Do you think it might have something to do with infringing the sovereignty of another nation? Not that the Septics give a monkey's anyway.

  7. Reaper pilots rock, a hard day at the office, kill a few people on the other side of the world, and then pop into Las Vagas for a few hours at the tables, what a way to fight a war, 39 Sqn have got it made
  8. And the Taliban in the villages? What of them mr sovereignty?

    Like I said, Pakistan doesn't seem to mind them there, why would it mind a major partner there?

    Sovereignty in a semi autonomous region is really an illusion anyway. Pakistan has as much sway there as they do in New Jersey.
  9. Well as the EU justified it in the Serbian province of Kosovo then whats the problem with Pakistan? Or are you only allowed to ignore international law when protecting muslims terrorists like the KLA?
  10. do they get GSMs?
  11. I must admit I read the headline and wondered what other possible outcome there could be ?

    The Taliban narrative is that the foreigners are murdering cowards who are in AFG to impose the rule of a foreign puppet sitting in Kabul. Drone strikes - from the perspective of the locals, before you start thinking it's my perspective - reinforce that narrative. Soldiers who cared about civvy casualties would do it on foot, cowards kill from the skies and so on.

    Indeed, without being willing to visibly take casualties by restraining ourselves (think NI) we will not get that legitimacy. I can't see the US ever being willing despite McChrystal clearly getting it. Which is why we are ultimately going to fail.

    And I'm also afraid that the Taliban are now driving as hard as they can to stop treating the locals badly and adopt population-centric COIN. Just read up on the open source messages they send these days. Of course some of this is because we've been busy killing off the old school Talibs and replacing them with fully networked Web 2.0 youngsters.

    And for those who whine it's not fair, we're really nice and they're not just remember that they don't have to stop being bastards, they just have to be perceived as being a better option than us.
  12. Just a shame the UAV's don't carry a MUCH bigger payload! :twisted:
  13. Need to drop plague or bird flu.
  14. Good question,

    "And What did you do in the war daddy?"

    " well son I got to hang around Las Vagas with a couple of high class hookers"