US DoD releases new report on Chinese militarisation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yeoman_dai, Aug 17, 2010.

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  1. Yah, the problem is, the various American and British intel agencies have one major problem. Not enough Chinese looking, or people of Chinese descent, want to take the risk of spying on the motherland. The Chi-coms have a rather nasty habit of putting bullets into the heads of people who are caught spying, and sending a bill to their families for the bullets.

    Satellite intel gathering is also rather hit and miss. Once one knows when one's country is being overflown and what bits of it in particular are being covered, it is rather simple to make sure that one only does one's more nefarious deeds when one is certain that no nasty satellites are overhead.

  2. Not alarmed, over the years I have heard that we would be taken over by Russia, Japan, Germany, or America. Now that America is the only superpower, I note that they have not colonised us. (Standing by to be corrected onthat, but they do not police our streets or collect taxes from us).

    I did like the comment below the report, from Jacob, to wit
    "What does China need a large naval force force for anyhow? Every other country in the world is content to let America police the maritime commerce lanes for them, and they all save a bunch of money in doing so."

    I think they just want to have their own boats. Once they realise how much it is costing them, they'll rein back.
  3. I don't really see what there is to worry about to be honest. As China grows economically, its only natural for its military to grow with it. Its not like China are busy building carrier fleets for oversea's interventions. Its not even like the US and China are on particularly bad terms.
  4. Hmm. If one thinks that China will never pose a threat to the rest of the world, one must either be Chinese themselves, or a fool.
    In fact, one could make a tidy sum for one's grand-children by putting a bet on at your local bookies that Mandarin Chinese will be the main spoken language for them by the time they are twenty-one.

  5. Tam, thats too extreme IMHO. New world superpower, maybe. New world dominant, nah
  6. Hmmm. That is interesting. Page 23 which discusses Chinese Military Theorists envisage 2 defensive island chains as far out as the Northern Marinas Islands and out to the coast of Indonesia.

    That suddenly makes the ASBM research seem sensible....
  7. Oh, look! Is that a totally unrelated amazing coincidence I see over there?

    They have 1.3bn people and 22,000-odd km of land borders to defend; an armed forces that are slowly and painfully moving out of the mid-20th century; a world that keeps harassing them to take a larger part in international operations with the interoperability that implies; and their defence budget has to cover absolutely everything the PLA does, including veterans' welfare, CIMIC, MACP, maintaining the PLA Universities (like West Point only civvies can get in too); and all while trying to upgrade pay, pensions, barracks and living conditions enough to attract professionals now they can't rely on conscription. Oh, and they also have the US Navy operating off their very own coastline to keep an eye on.

    According to the CIA World Factbook, that obviously sinophile publication, their defence spending is 4.3% of GDP which places them as 23rd highest defence spender in the world. According to NATO figures, US defence spending has nearly doubled in the last 10 years.
  8. Don't wish to appear pedantic, but the CIA factbook says that China are 23rd if measured by the % of GDP spent on defence. None of the countries on the list which spend a higher % of their GDP on defence - Brunei, Bosnia, etc - have an economy similar in size to China's, and so will not spend as much on defence in cash terms.
  9. I was trying to put some perspective on it by quoting %of GDP. The ONLY economy in the world larger than China nowadays is the US - US$14.26trn 2009PPP vs China's US$8.29trn (2009PPP). They spend around a fifth of a percent of GDP less than China on defence for an economy nearly twice the size and they have far less military to spread it around on.
  10. Since what's left of the Armed Forces after the pending SDSR will be hard-pressed to take over a Chinese takeaway, I venture to suggest there's no point in worrying about the PLA coming over the hill.

    Anyway, the Chinese are not stupid; they're not going to risk trying to take over the world by force of arms when they can just buy it...