US DOD Data Show Need for Hearing Protection

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 20, 2009.

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  2. Wasn't there an article about the smart hearing protection being trialled by the MOD last year?
  3. We were given "Combat Earplugs"(Green side solid/Yellow side hollow) back in 2004. They work well when you use them, but are hard to use when also using Radios.

    Triple Deuce (2nd Bn, 22 Inf, 10th Mountain Div) did UCMJ (Article 15 ) IED survivors who werent wearing them for being out of prescribed patrol uniform if they reported hearing problems in the aftermath.
  4. I sure wish we had them years ago--we only had cigarette filters or .45 cal shell casings to use--hearing loss is cumulative and once gone it is gone.
  5. For UK Forces its a non-story. You get made to measure ear protection which is designed for use with radios.
  6. Unless you are a IA.

    I hope this will change.
  7. IA? sorry for ignorance.
  8. Individual Augumentee.

    Getting the inserts was a bit of a mission as well but worked in the end.
  9. I see, i managed to get some IA's done by sending them to Racal's place.
  10. When I meant inserts I meant for the ESS glasses/goggles.

    I am using the green/yellow things for ear protection. When they don't fall out, thank God for the string.