(US) Disabled pregnant woman used as target practice

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    There is no limit to the depths of human depravity, it would seem. (T_W)

    "This is heartbreaking," police Lt. David Hayes said. "It was almost as though they were making fun of the abuse they were administering. This woman was almost like living in a prison."

    "I've never seen an almost conspiratorial effort by a group of people to continuously torture someone until she finally died, then not really show any remorse," Hayes said. "It was just a slow, torturous, tragic way to die. I highly doubt Dorothy Dixon even knew she was dying."

  2. That is a truly despicable way to treat anyone, let alone someone dependent on others
  3. I thought you were posting a funny bad taste joke at first trips,
    i gotta say thats one of the most sickening things i have ever read about.

    and also pregnant, father of fetus 'unknown'

    words fail me.
  4. DrStealth said:

  5. I am completely lost for words.. poor woman.
  6. Poor woman is right.

    Imagine having to live on the minimum wage.
  7. I am quite the dick, ain't I?

    Off to the bars. Hopefully a desparate hooker will take a liking to my life's savings.

    Which are in my wallet.
  8. No words for such horror.
    Only hope the b@stards will someday feel the fear and pain this woman did, but with US justice, is little hope of that.
  9. Huh? There are more people in the US penal system than most countries have bullets.

    The b@stards are toast. Believe me.
  10. Do you mean they will face execution? If so, I doubt that very much - but if found guilty - they should - in a painful way - no quick bullets to their heads.
  11. Will probaly be executed for their sins. Might take 10-20 years for the final act (unless they are in Texas, which does it in about 2 days after the conviction.)

    Where is waterboarding when you need it?
  12. KevinB,
    Nope they won't face execution is Illinois after all...they may see some
    time in prison
  13. "It's disgraceful the way this girl died, as kind and as sweet as this girl was," he said. "She didn't deserve to die the way she did. It's just terrible, senseless. It's just a total shame."

    In a prima facia case such as this I believe the natural justice should be the whole family of scroates from the eldest to the youngest, should be executed a month apart....so that they may each dwell on their impending demise. In the meanwhile bread and water and absolutely nothing else. Let them rot in their cells. Enough is enough for goodness sake.
  14. Lighten up, dude.

    If there was any justice in this world, a lot of people (including your former Prime Minister and my President) would be dead by now.

    Life sucks balls.

    Deal with it already, will ya?