US develops new secret weapon in Iraq?

Rumours have it that the Taleban and al-Qaeda secret weapons were deployed several years past. Although appearing quite openly in public, there is nevertheless, little understanding of their impact on the so-called GWOT. Give the results so far, whose side do you think this pair are on?

Look, it's pretty simple:

So basically you've got a place that's mighty dusty, right? And that can be made to contain more dust (air dropped from predators etc) all engineered to spec, right? A self organising, self replicating, self powered wireless detection network. And the great thing about it is they all stick their heads in the dust a couple of times a day, every day. Differ the signatures slightly, and you'll single out any one of these creatures of perpetual habit from a crowd in no time at all.

Of course any notion that we can't actually do "magic science" like that in this day and age rapidly disappears up it's own arrse. We can make Sheep out of virtually nothing and can make some things that are really, really, really tiny (simple dust is planetoid in comparison) fly a couple of kilometres in a loop and smash into another equally tiny, tiny thingys coming in the opposite direction. Smart dust is a doddle.

Newer thicker Baco-Foil will be released towards the end of this year especially for all who still struggle imperiously onwards with their VCRs.
I don't know why my post was deleted....?

I got that info from a public website.

If it's too sensitive then maybe someone ought to have a word with whoever runs that site!

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