US developing self-steering laser-guided bullets

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by zero-over, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Nothing new Judge Dredd had them in 1978.
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  2. thats going ot be one really fckn expensive bullet, they were better off researching those mini missiles launched off a crossbow type device, even so given that type of munition there will be something really simple that will mess it up, like sunlight.......i doubt it we would see anything like this enter mainstream for a good few years if the project dosent get scrapped over spiralling costs and techincal dificuties like poor manufacturing techniques..... as they say in the article its not like they havent tried this before
  3. Holy shit, a 100mm round. I'd like to see the recoil pad on that butt.
  4. Like javelin on a smaller scale. Now they can have blue on blue with 100% fatalities.
  5. <checks calendar to see if it's April fools...>

    Wouldn't it just be simpler to teach their troops to shoot better? Or give them tech that helped them shoot better
  6. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

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  7. Whey-hey I might be able to pass my APWT then!
  8. .....they don't say that much about the requirement for someone to actually hold the target in the laser beam while the round flies - so its still no more accurate than the bloke holding the designator. Getting the design of that right - stabilised etc - is the other half of the engineering problem.
  9. It's not that clever really, especially as the tech is in a 100mm projectile

    I'm much more impressed by HVM which has 3 sub projectiles of which two are always guaranteed to hit an aircraft when launched successfully. The Gyroscopes in the sub projectiles are minute and this is the key to steerable projectiles.

    Even Javelin ATGM is not as clever as it seems, just a natural progression in Guided Weapons system capability.
  10. 100mm long, not 100mm calibre...

  11. Amazing technology that no army can afford to mass produce in the world climate?!? Surely these scientists have better things to do, like watch loose women?!
  12. That's better, but what calibre?
  13. about half a thumb by the look of it!

    i would guess it's probbaly intended as a sub-calibre rod for something like a 25-30mm cannon.
  14. An ex-soldier I met on a train told me about this...