US Developing Battlefield Laser

Sven said:
BBC Article

I understood that the US had sighned a treaty not to develop such weapons

Not that I'm aware of. You're not suppossed to use lasers to blind personel, but nothing against using them to destroy incoming artillery and mortar shells.
There is a more powerful version that is supposed to have the capability of destroying satellites.

Editors in Europe viewed with some degree of alarm the U.S. Army's successful test of a powerful laser--which hit a targeted satellite more than 260 miles from earth--last Friday. While they acknowledged that the test did not violate either the 1967 or 1972 treaties covering warfare in space, analysts nonetheless concluded that the U.S. had "crossed a new threshold" in the technological arms race. Brussels's independent Le Soir noted: "The Americans virtually have the power to blind or to destroy satellites in flight, and thereby to paralyze armies at war by depriving them of their eyes and of their ears. A frightening lead. This technological achievement reminds us that 'star wars' is not entirely dead." A number of writers expressed particular concern that the laser test might provide Russia with "an excuse" not to ratify its pending arms treaties with the U.S. As if to confirm those fears, Moscow's reformist Izvestia declared: "The test...won't help START II ratification in the Russian Duma."