US denying UK access to Blue Force Tracker?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. Hmm.

    Americans not giving us technology... Supprised? No.
  2. This is actually a pretty complex issue. The cryptology in Blue Force Tracker is not accredited (by the US NSA) at NATO CONFIDENTIAL, and understandably so. If so it would be open to all of NATO, and maybe also the forces comprising ISAF/KFOR/EUFOR. Uncle Sam obviously doesn't want all those nations having access to US force deployments.

    There is no reason why BOWMAN, EADS' Force Tracking System, cannot interoperate with the US BFTS, if they use what is known as a Gateway. There is a raft of NATO experimentation going on at the moment at ACT. The main problem is getting them to integrate with the NATO or US C2 tools to create a Recognised Ground Picture.

    Anyone interested can PM me - I won't hold my breath. Don't believe all you read from the Guardian Defence correspondent.
  3. On Telic 1 i had to take a Sultan to a US camp in Kuwait to get BLUE FORCE TRACKER
    fitted . There was a large row of vehicals(many British) waiting to get it fitted . Whilst waiting
    to get it fitted several of us brits were loaded on a BFT operators course held at the same
    camp . The americans could not do enough to help us .
    It took about 2 days in total to fit us the power supply to British vehicals was different
    to those of the US. We even left there camp (called camp Marigold) with a wagon full of
    camp cots and MRE's .
    I actually used BFT in operations on Telic 1 , it was a great piece of kit however the
    different voltage supplies on British wagons affected its use . Seems like that left wing student
    newspaper is spouting more anti- US cr@p . The yanks could'nt of been more helpful .
  4. I have no idea where you're getting BFT out of that article. As mentioned above, the Brits already have it, I was able to see them roaming around on my screen.

    Fixed-wing aircraft are not equipped with BFT.

  5. I'm supprised you didn't have to shoe your gunner to remind him not to engage that roaming dot on your screen.

  6. The spams should realise that the Blue Force Tracker is not to be used for targetting purposes..........
  7. Cal tanker , ignore manc rogue he seems to have a problem with the US , probably from
    other peoples expierences. I dont recall a US vehical taking out a British vehical . Maybe
    brit on brit .
  8. I asked him if he thought he could make the shot, but even firing indirect and breaking out the gunner's quadrant and firing tables, 150 km was just too far out of range.

  9. "We'll get 'em on the way back!"

    paveway_3 stop yer yappin, you sissy. I'll decide when I have a problem with the US... and you'll know it because I'll take my shoe off and give yer a good foockin wolloping.

  10. Come on then big boy manc ! Ive heard your a high heels bloke .
  11. Could you substitue " roaming around " for " moving forward purposefully and in an efficient tactical manner ". It just sounds better :wink:
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Is'nt that part of the reason why a RAF Tornado from 9sqn got shot down?I seem to remember reading that somewhere....
  13. I like platforms actually. Makes me more intimidating.