US Defense Department Statement on SDSR Just Released

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. Not any concern of the US's
  2. Well they had to say that didn't they. In private they'll be raging/laughing at the abortion of cuts and changes that we've come out with.
  3. We can agree to disagree on that I suppose.
  4. I know we seem to be the US' lapdogs, but really, it IS nothing to do with you. We are not the 51st state as many Americans seem to think. We are an independent sovereign nation.
  5. I don't see what there is to disagree about. This is of no concern to the US. How the UK chooses to do things (rightly or wrongly) is none of the US's business, just as how the US does things is none of the UK's business. If it should concern anyone, it should concern NATO.
    The US should learn to mind its own business.
  6. A bit touchy are we? ;-)
  7. Hell no! (to coin a yankee phrase). Just making sure the US knows it place :)
  8. Hello Pot this is Kettle, Over...
  9. Given the way we have sucked on the American tit for strategic intelligence and advanced military technology in order to allow us to 'punch above our weight', together with our constant claim to a 'special relationship', I don't grudge the DOD a press release.

  10. I think the US understands its place in the world very well - something we don't seem to have grasped yet (if I hear "punching above our weight" one more time..!)

    Seriously, we are a key ally of the US. There are countless MoUs agreeing to the sharing of all sorts of useful stuff, but such a relationship will onl contine as long as Britain can maintain any kind of military relevance...and hence the future of our Defence is naturally a big concern of theirs.
  11. Main point of relevance for the US, IMHO.
  12. Remind me again, whose war Afghanistan is. (not ours, nor NATO's..although I suppose it is NATO's now)

    I am not sure why we chose to have trident, I am sure we could have developed our own. Perhaps it was the cheaper option....was Labour in control when the decision to have trident was made?

    Was France a real loss to NATO?

  13. Sadly, I think our 'sucking' "on the American tit for strategic intelligence and advanced military technology" was down to Blairs hero worshipping of Bush and all that is yank.
  14. Started long, long before Blair