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US Defense Cuts

I think it is a fundamental difference when considering the overall US "government benefits" system but silly me I hAppen to look at military service a bit differently I suppose.

And therein lies your problem. You think you're special.


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The CIA World Factbook puts the US as the world's 19th biggest spender on defence, although it's chosen to use % of GDP compared via exchange rates and not the usual PPP. That's inevitably going to skew things even before the fact that the figures are for a variety of years rather than one consistent one.

I also find it strange that an organ of the US government specifically devoted to collecting information only has figures from its own nation's expenditure for 2010. Maybe I shouldn't, given their track record.

percentage of gdp is clever way of avoiding the fact that they spend more than the next 20 countries on the list - or something as daft as that.
I thought that's how every country's defence spending was quantified - ours being about 2.1%

It can be but that usually isn't a good grounds for comparing defence capability. If you look at the CIA's list, the top spender by %GDP is Oman. Much as I think the world of the country, it's not even one of the first rank regional players let alone a global one as No.1 slot might lead you to believe.

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