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An eighteen year old Pte has just won the US Army's first Silver Star in Iraq.

While not wishing to belittle this man's actions, when I look at the bumf from Mil.Com I can't help wondering about the way in which these medals are issued.
Does the US Army have a different set of criteria to the Navy, Marines and Air Force, or has they not had the opportunity to 'prove' themselves as much ?
It couldn't be political, could it......?

Mil.Com said:
The Silver Star is the military's third-highest combat medal. Since March 2003, 124 Silver Stars and 399 Bronze Stars for valor have been awarded in the Iraq conflict, according to Pentagon figures.

Sound Off...What do you think?
While I realise that there is a plethora of campaign gongs issued to squaddies now, we're not handing out the same quantity of valorious decorations, so what do you think the Bobby is with the Septics ?
Does the quantity they've issued reduce their value ?

For those interested, here's the link :

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