US Death Toll in Iraq tops 4,000

To yours, R.I.P.
Hopefully the toll will not get to the standard of Vietnam after 10,000 days.
Rest In Peace.

Lets hope it gets sorted out before they reach 8,000... :evil:
Not to mention those who have been permeantly disabled in body and/or mind for the rest of their lives. :cry:
The whole world seems to have gone crazy. I believe that the politicians

will walk away when their terms are finished and not give it another

thought. It then becomes someone else's problem.

RIP lads.
"Roadside bombs accounted for 44% of deaths last year and 55% to date in 2008" - little fcuking cowards, professional army or not you cant play rules of engagement with these fcukers.

"This will not be a long protracted drawn out war....this will not be another vietnam!"
RIP folks.

I bet the powers that be will offer the same empty platitudes when the toll tops 5000.

How the hell nobody has been held accountable for this ignominious adventure is beyond me.
same as our boys and girls we will remeber them all, RIP, and thoughts go out to the families and friends of them all

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