US, Cuba, mystery diplomatic symptoms

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FailyScaley, Sep 29, 2017.

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  1. Just read this interesting piece on Sky News

    US pulls 60% of staff from Cuba after mystery attacks

    Seems a couple of dozen dips have been suffering with weird symptoms like dizziness, vomming and brain issues. Plus ça change.

    Some half references to a malfunctioning device or a sonic weapon.

    Very Jason Bourne-esque.
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  3. US stops issuing visas in Cuba, cuts embassy staff, urges no travel to island

    The U.S. is pulling embassy staff from Cuba, warning against travel to the island and taking other measures in the wake of mysterious attacks on American diplomats.

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ordered departure for all non-emergency employees and family members early Friday, a State Department official told Fox News, as a result of the mysterious sonic attacks against Americans in Cuba.

    US stops issuing visas in Cuba, cuts embassy staff, urges no travel to island

    Apparently getting treated Seriously by State Dept.
  4. Canadian embassy staff have reported similar symptoms and the Canadian embassy is no where near the American embassy. At least 5 Canadian diplomats and families hit by mysterious 'sound attacks' in Cuba, source says

    Searches have turned up no potential emitters, and nobody seems to have an explanation of how the physics of doing this remotely would actually work.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this had nothing to do with any sort of "sonic attack", but turned out to be a virus or other disease, possibly spread by mosquitoes.
  5. Nothing to do with max strength rum then.
  6. U.S. to expel nearly two-thirds of Cuban embassy staff - U.S. sources
    In a 'tit for tat' move the US is expelling 2/3 of the Cuban Embassy staff:
    21 US staff affected:
  7. Fascinatingly, the USA doesn't believe that the Cubans are behind it, and the Cubans are (understandably) as worried as they are:

    Trump to pull diplomats out of Cuba, but think Havana is behind attacks | Miami Herald

    The Russia bit was me. But it totally is the Russians.
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  8. Interesting thought: remember those directed sound gadgets they were using to protect ships from pirates? It's not like anyone was doing follow-up studies of Somali pirates who got zapped.
  9. Reminds me of a septic mate who was on a US Navy ship parked in the Med off Beirut during the conflict there. Half of the crew came down with the shits and he told me that the Lebanese had been using chemical warfare against their ship.

    It couldn't possibly have been a cook who hadn't washed his hands after reaming a stewards arrse though.
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  10. Certainly beyond a co-incidence that Western Embassy staffers are suffering from some mysterious unknown medical condition.

    As for the sonic weapon used by a certain cruise ship against Somali Pirates it was also being deployed on various oil rigs off the Kenya Coast for protection. An ex Booty acquaintance who was in a security job there was doubtful of how effective it was and offered to have a try. A very short zap convinced him that it was extremely effective.

    One wonders if it is in use in the Arabian Gulf against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard boats who seem particularly ignorant of maritime rules of passage.

    These types of equipment however leave no doubt whatsoever in anyone being targeted.
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  11. Considering the Canucks are on reasonable terms with the Cubans and are a valuable source of foreign currency, why would the Canucks be "targeted" if indeed this was some weapons test? No sense at all.
    Some sort of virus ? Possibly.
  12. Helm

    Helm LE Book Reviewer

    Chem trails as any fule kno
  13. A tropical virus is more plausible than assuming the Cubans have developed an undetectable sonic death ray.
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