US crash sparks Afghanistan riot

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DrStealth, May 29, 2006.

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    and remember kids, like George Bush said, its all freedom and democracy now in Afganistan.

  2. The details are sketchy, but it seems that this, like most incidents involving US troops, very quickly escalated to the laying down of rounds. Is it just a misconception or are they not able to deal with lower levels of public disorder, accepting a little punishment in the pursuit of a calmer resolution?
  3. Have u seen how they drive in kabul think wakey races then times by ten
  4. Kabul has without doubt got the most driving lunacy I've experienced, and thats just the NGOs/UN/PSDs

    The locals are even worse

    When I retire I'm gonna open up a bodyshop for landcruisers in downtown Kabul
  5. [​IMG]

    that copper on the left dont look to bothered about stopping the kids from bricking the trucks,
    looks like round hits on the windshield too.
  6. I would go far as to say that they just do not have the same sense of professionalism.

    They get flustered far to easy and over react. That's how simple I see it!
  7. The American Junior Commanders on the ground should be getting a grip of these situations before it escalates into the situation they have now, they have to realise they are in Afghanistan through invite only, and if they keep this behaviour up, then like every other foreign Army that has been there including the UK, they will be ejected from the country.

    The Americans are seriously close to fcuking everything up with the latest slaughters of 24 people in Iraq recently in the news, and now this.
    They have to realise that this isn’t the Hollywood, and the hero won’t be walking away with some foxy slut. This is a dirty bloody hole they are digging themselves into. Never mind the Iraq’s or Afghans hating them, I hate them, because every time they do this they make our job fcuking harder..
  8. I think most do realize that. And Americans hate it when their comrades do things like this.
  9. The thing is Chief_Joseph, this is a major problem within American ground units in both theatres with a shoot first ask questions later attitude. All the efforts you and your friends, have put into sending aid and helping young Iraqi’s, is now in the bigger scale of things a wasted effort.
    The British are not completely innocent of making bad decisions on the ground in the heat of the moment: i.e. kicking fcuk out of 3 Young Iraqis, and filming it ffs.

    But when the Americans do it, they do it with style, and junior commanders are letting this happen when they should be stepping in and controlling what the fcuk is going on, a little thing called the law of armed conflict is something they should be reading and then applying to these situations.

    We used to have a saying in the British Army of:
    You are noticed for the things you do right, but you are always remembered for the things you fcuk up.

    This simply fuels sympathy and propaganda for these insurgent bast@rds . Local people will give you intelligence if they think you can help them, but it’s a survival thing. They wont be going near American patrols to give them info, because they just don’t know, it could be their house next.
  10. I watched this story develop over the day, and i must say that it seems to be yet another example of 'blame the yanks'.

    It was first reported with the headline : "US service personnel fire on civilians."

    The report then went on to state that it was infact the afghani police and army that opened fire on the crowd when they came under sustained attack. Slightly different to your headline, no?

    With every oncoming report, casulaties rose, and uncertainty got thicker and thicker. US commanders insist that no shots were fired by US personnel. Afghani civilians claim they saw americans firing at them.

    The one constant was the good old anti-american agent-provocateurs who were willing to be filmed and protest about the presence of the great satan, whilst calling for the return of the taliban.

    Lets just wait to see what actually happened before we blame the spams for being trigger happy (on this occasion :wink: )
  11. I won't argue with that, your right. Your following the right train of logic and I'm not disputing it. My concern is how much of it is already propoganda.

    Most units from what I understand don't take that approach. But as you said "You are noticed for the things you do right, but you are always remembered for the things you fcuk up". It only takes a handful of idiot walts to mess up the hard work everyone has put into it, all the work being put in by brits, yanks, aussies, and everyone else. No reporters were to be seen in Haditha when my friend's unit was there last year trying to protect people from foreign fighters from Syria. Voter turnouts in the area went from 15% to 70% while they were there. However, once a handful of pricks commit a crime out there, reporters flock there to get the big story.

    I'm not making excuses for what happened. The problem is that Rummy is trying to send green National Guard and Reserve units out there with little training or self control. The quality of troops is in decline since Rummy tried to shift all of the Military Budget into missiles and jets, while downsizing infantry and special forces. He thought that everything could be won with shiny beepy things. But a tomahawk can't win hearts and minds.
  12. What actually happened? Dear oh dear. The site will have been swept by now and news management is just kicking in, with some catching up to do. So what's the point of waiting? Unless you're keen to hear the carefully-crafted creative US version of events.
  13. Not that you are biased or anything eh Frenchy?

  14. Frenchperson has a point I have never heard a yankee wait before shooting his mouth off about us brits, so never give them the satisfaction of explaining themselves, not that they care anyway's. :D :D :D
  15. Propaganda is only as good as it is plausible. Unfortunetly this is one of those beleivable episodes. Unfortunately another own goal for the yanks.

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