US Covert Ops Skills

Found this on the web,12576,1519576,00.html

"I was walking down Via Guerzoni with my little girl and I saw a man with a long beard and a djellaba being stopped by two westerners with a mobile telephone. They were asking him, in Italian, for his documents, the way the police do," the witness said.

"At the junction with Via Croce Viola there was a pale-coloured van on the pavement," she continued. "Then, all I heard was a loud noise like a thud. The van suddenly shot backwards and then set off again, away from the mosque, passing me at high speed. And the three people I'd seen, they weren't there any longer."
The article continues with a mild out line of CIA operations. Apparently they dont use any form of secure comms between operators. Nice going.
still got their man though and at least they have the political will to take action.

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