US Covered Up Katyn Massacre

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Mr_Fingerz, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. So what else is new? It wasn't a time to piss off Uncle Joe..... so the Poles paid the price.

    The only annoyance was that it was held to for so long ... I was even banned from going to the Katyn Monument erected in London in uniform!!
  3. i did notice that is was "US 'hushed up' soviet guilt" and not "US & UK 'hushed up' soviet guilt", you cant beat a bit of moral highground with your breakfast
  4. It was already a fait accompli by the NKVD, so it wasn't as if anything occurred as a result of the UK/US silence.

    What is strange is that the act served to confirm Churchill's suspicion of the Soviets and shape his subsequent policies, whereas Roosevelt and the US administration appeared to go on regarding Stalin as a good guy and equal partner well after 1945.
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  5. At least the US never followed the British example of shipping people off by the trainload to be murdered by the NKVD.
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  6. If i remember correctly there was a BBC programme about Stalin years ago, that had references to how Stalin tried to cover it up, and how the Allies ignored it. I believe Churchill said something about it being pointless in causing a fuss about it.

    Edit to add: The programme was called WWII behind closed doors
  7. My Uncle told me that he was based in Northern Italy at the end of the war as was involved in sending Thousends of Ukrainians, Cossaks and Yugoslavians back over the border, even though they had surrended to the British. He said you cold hear the constant firing from the firing squads/welcome commitee for weeks on end welcoming them home?
  8. They were actually complicit in this as well. However, the British and US governments were held to ransom by Uncle Joe over the fate of approx 300,000 allied PoW's who lay in the path of the Red Army. In effect, if all Soviet citizens either liberated by or held as prisoners by the allies were not returned, those PoW's would never be seen again. Not a very pleasant man.
  9. One thing I've never quite understood about the whole cover up thing: it was clearly essential to keep the Soviets on-side during the war, but why did the UK and US govts continue afterwards, especially when the Soviet Union became the "enemy"? One would have thought that embarrassing them would have been good news.
  10. Was your uncle with the 38th (Irish) Brigade by any chance simroy?
  11. Oh, I've read about this bastard before. I've often felt that the pseudo-revolutionary types who like to get their kicks from advocating class warfare should acquaint themselves with the Katyn Massacre (and other associated killings) - the Soviets knew what they were doing when they targeted the Polish aristrocracy, landowners, clergy, intelligentsia, professionals, academics, army officers.....wipe out the social elite in any country and what's left will fall into line. This is the common modus when any Communist/Maoist/Stalinist/*insert left-wing extremism here* group takes over a country.
  12. Not my favourite source, but wiki provides a quick and easy link to some basic information for the interested.

    Bleiburg repatriations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Also, hunt down Tolstoi's book The Minister and the Massacres. It's all about the Don Cossacks repatriated after surrending to the British in Austria. They were part of the Wehrmacht (then Waffen-SS) serving in Yugoslavia from '43 until their surrender to the British in May '45.

    And people still wonder why there was so much hate lingering in the region in the '90s???? The Balkans (Yugoslavia in particular) has been a killing ground for centuries. Each population group still looking to avenge real and perceived injusties from over 500 years ago, let alone those from the past half-millenia.
  13. Even today, the Russian uber-nationalist denies any Russian involvment in Katyn as well as wanton acts of savagery over conquored territory. Any documentary evidence is passed off as Yeltsin forgeries and Goebbels propaganda! There is an ARRSE thread or three with just such discussions lurking somewhere.

    As regards the savagery and the attempt to protect the Allied PoWs, little was expected and achieved. The Red Army was even taken to assaulting and raping Russian lasses who had been held prisoner and victim of Nazi brutality for the preceeding years!

    Those PoWs held in Eastern Europe can be 'thankful' that they were force-marched by the retreating Germans westwards. It was not an easy march by any imagination, but was generally less distrurbing than for thise enveloped by the Red Army advance.
  14. I can not remember the name of the book possibly
    Robert Jackson, High Cold War: Strategic Reconnaissance and the Electronic Intelligence War (Somerset: Patrick Stephens Limited, 1998)

    But the book was about the planes that the American.s sent against the Soviets after the end of the Second World War and also mentions how many of the inadequate machines failed to come home.

    When the Wall came down, both governments said nothing about the missing aircrew who are believed to have been held in captivity for a few decades. Bloody American hypocrites... we.ll leave no one behind. Those unlucky aircrew simply disappeared.