US court rules Dolours Price interview must be given to PSNI

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vampireuk, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. But ... Dolours Price was promised confidentiality until her death.

    Anyone else see the obvious way round this dilemma?

    There is very little prospect of this nasty vicious witch being prosecuted and even less of her being sent to jail. The two reasons the transcripts should be released are that it may ease the pain for the surviving relatives of the victims and it will highlight to the world just how involved in crime some of our newly converted politicians were involved in thuggery and violence
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  2. I would happily nuke Boston and all its plastic paddies.
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  3. Surprised she isn't part of the gerry and martin club in the government, instead of hiding in the US.
  4. Does anyone in government have the minerals to demand all interview transcripts from the yanks and then prosecute them ? i really hope so
  5. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Not just the Price stuff but everyone elses. Even the PSNI cant screw it up. 'According to this bit you stated you were involved in. . . . . . . with such and such and he states he was involved in it with you. How do you wish to respond'?
    That has got to be good.
  6. Knock yourself out, However the Mexicans, Salvodorans, and assorted Hispanics 17%, Blacks22% might get a bit upset. The Paddies are only 15% of Boston.
  7. Sadly the "Special Relationship" only works in one diection.
  8. The rich 15%.

    The ones who put cheques into collection tins that pay for semtex and Barret fifties.

    I still say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit...
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  9. Like her Sister, she's a dissident Republican.

    The reason this has all come about is that a few years back after a certain Mr Brendan "the dark" Hughes had passed away to be a name on a memorial.... Mr's Price came out and backed up his version of events in the book he and David Ervine had told all too.

    Gerard " your famed bearded cuddly bastard" Adam's was responsible for Bloody Friday.... Hughes said in the book he had organised it for Adam's.

    Adam's was responsible for the poor sods who were disappeared for along time then had the cheek to ask for any info to find them from joe public.... Mr's Delores Price has already said, she was responsible for driving the car in which, Jean McConville was taken away to her death in.....
  10. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

    If you act like a cnut, don't then admit to acting like a cnut and commit it to tape. The big timing cnuts.
  11. RICH! go on pull the other one. Most of the Southies are lucky to have High School Diplomas and couldnt spell Semtex if a bloc of it was in front of them.
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  12. Dolores and Marion Price - used to talk to them quite regularly in the early '70s, never ceased to amaze me how such pretty girls could be so evil - I was a bit naive back then!

    Nuke Boston? It's one of my favourite cities, sure they collected for Sinn Fein there (they still do though not so openly) but so did clubs in Newcastle, Birmingham, London, Glasgow and a bunch more in the UK. Glastonbury Connecticut was a major centre for IRA (under the disguise of NICRA) fund raising and that IS an upper middle class town.
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  13. Marion price is rotting in jail some ***** were cycling from manchester to blackpool to day to raise money for her
    Now I'm a cyclist but i'd have been happy to see these ***** killed prefably in an ironic manner run down by a saracn side swipped by an orange order coached eaten by a pack of honey badges that last one isnt very ironic but still funny.

  14. Hey wait a minute, what happens to us non-plastic types:pale::pale: