US court overturns DC handgun ban

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by mac1, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. I thought this was interesting and educational:
  2. Yes, the ban on handguns made D.C. so much safer...

    I just bought a new rifle yesterday. Waiting for it to be delivered...

  4. C_T, if you ever want to engage in a civil 'right to arms' conversation, let me know and me and you (and no doubt Trippy) can go at it. If i don't convince you that the Supreme Court decision was a terrible one then I will give up any pretense of being sane.
  5. There is no civil 'right to arms' in the USA it is a constitutional right.

    You are a moron and trying to pander to tripe in his advanced state of Alzheimers as a debate partner is hillarious.
  6. Ctauch,

    Eat a dick.

    Until this morning , the right of every Tom, Dick and Harry to bear arms was restricted to a "well organised militia."

    Not any more.

    If I have a right to pack a piece, what the hell do I need a permit for? Why the hell do I need a background check for? After all I am not a felon or mentally unstable.

    'Tis a sad day in America. A sad day indeed.
  7. Oh really the jury's out on that one.

    Read the opinion and don't spout CNN talking points, maybe you'll get it ;-)
  8. CN who?

    Jury? Whay Jury?

    If there is anybody spouting off silly talking points it is you. Do you even know what the Second Amendment says?

    "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

    Tell me where it says you and me have a right to a firearm.
  9. This is a tragedy for Washington. The handgun ban was instrumental in stopping crazed snipers from murdering innocent people.*

    *This is an example of irony.
  10. Read the majority opinion and get a clue

    you're welcome.
  11. Majority in a crowd of nine. Ask the millions out there who think guns running amok is a bad idea. With this decision, the Supreme Court reversed years and years of declining violent crime.

    What better way to stop a fire than by throwing more fuel on it?
  12. Oh right like the ruling that came down where child rapists couldn't be put to death...shut up you cherry pickin' moron.

    Read that decision and tell me where it was based in US constitutional law that 5 could decide that a child rapist could not be executed.
    Don't try you won't find it but run the maze and humor me.

    At least Scalia had legal and historical foot notes that even pursuaded Kennedy to crossover from the previous child rape decision. So either Kennedy is insane (which is likely) or he had no reasonable argument against (more likely).
  13. Ctauch,

    You have been listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show (you bastard) haven't you.

    Please note that Justice Kennedy was the tiebreaker in both cases,

    This will undercut your case about activist justices. You little piece of crap.

    Justice was aborted today.

    More guns in suburbia means more crimes means more innocent lives lost.
  14. What???

    The Scalia opinion was rooted in the framer's words and the Kenndy opinion (don't kill child rapist) was rooted in fuck all but non-sense. your point is what??

    go away you are a complete and utter moron, would do you good not sucking farts from tripes arrse, clearly it has caused you damage
  15. Calm the feck down, Shi.t Ouch.

    Scalia's decision rests on the foundation that he thinks the constitution is dead and should never be disturbed.

    Never mind that the originators did not foresee a day when guns would be used as freely as a contraceptive.