US counterinsurgency manual for sale,free shipping available


Just wondering how many copies of this manual AQ headquarters has ordered.

Though not classified, should this book be on the open market? Just saw one of the authors (LT Col Nagl) on the Daily Show by Jon Stewart. Makes you wonder how smart these people really are. I suppose they have never had of reverse engineering.
It wouldn't matter if they did. What it is, essentially, is a collection of the lessons learned from a century or so of COIN. The info has always been out there, it's just that now it's gathered in one place. Besides, as a book on doctrine, not tactics, it's more of a guidebook than a playbook. The decision on how to best employ the principles is to be left to the commanders. To that end the threat to OPSEC is negligible, if not non-existent.

Besides, if THIS administration, with its love for secrecy, had any qualms abut it at all, it would never see the light of day.
Indeed. Actually, I hope the public reads it so that there is a wider understanding of just how ridiculously complex COIN can be

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