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US confirms Heathrow hijack plot

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Andyroo, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. An official US report has confirmed al-Qaeda planned to hijack flights from Heathrow and fly planes into the airport and a Canary Wharf skyscraper.

    Reports of such a plot had surfaced in the media before but have not previously been confirmed.

    It is believed the plot was disrupted by security services, although arrests are not thought to have been made.

    The report lists nine attempts by al-Qaeda - aside from 11 September - to attack aviation targets worldwide.

    Full story here BBC News

    Oh great joy! And people still think that the Police/Security services are being heavy handed and racist? After this report I sincerely hope not but I will not hold my breath.
  2. An official US report has confirmed al-Qaeda planned to hijack flights from Heathrow and fly planes into the airport and a Canary Wharf skyscraper.

    Where is the official British report providing confirmation of the 'official US report'.

    Official US reports have a habit of confirming all sorts of things. It doesn't follow that official = It happened , you can take that to the bank.
  3. PTP,
    And the chances of a UK report being given much credence in today's cynical atmosphere? If the phrases 45 minutes and sexed up appeared anywhere on the same page..........
  4. What exactly has the issue got to do with the United States? They've obviously got metaphorical ducktape wrapped around the Cabinet and are speaking on the Cabinet's behalf. George Bush is running this country aswell then?
  5. According to Sky News, When Blair had troops positioned at Heathrow, It may suggest he had word of the hijack plot!
  6. They certainly wouldn't have made it public knowledge would they? Think of the panic it could have caused if the Government had said something like "an attack on Canary Wharf a la 9/11 is imminent".
  7. Assuming this is true, you have to wonder whether the following would also have come to pass:

    Fighter aircraft which should be on 24 hour standby are on exercises at far flung locations on the day of the unexpected event.
    Shares in the airlines/companies involved plummet in the weeks prior to the unexpected event.
    Insurance policies on the buildings concerned, specifically drawn up to include acts of 'terrorism' are secured soon before the unexpected event.
    'Keep away' phone calls are made to certain individuals days before the unexpected event.

    But seeing as it's a pack of lies designed to keep 'terror' current, maybe not.
  8. You must have some excellent sources if it's all a pack of lies..'If this had happened then.. :slow:' Do you ever give up with the conspiracy shiite? What if, they'd hijacked the plane, changed their minds and flown everyone to Ibiza on the lag? About as likely as your current musings..