US commander: Troops stalemated in Afghanistan


US commander: Troops 'stalemated' in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON – The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan offered a grim view Wednesday of military efforts in southern Afghanistan, warning that 17,000 new troops will take on emboldened Taliban insurgents who have "stalemated" U.S. and allied forces.

Army Gen. David McKiernan also predicted that the bolstered numbers of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan — about 55,000 in all — will remain near those levels for up to five years.

Still, McKiernan said, that is only about two-thirds of the number of troops he has requested to secure the war-torn nation.

McKiernan told reporters at the Pentagon Wednesday that the extra Army and Marine forces will be in place by the summer, primed for counterinsurgency operations against the Taliban but also ready to conduct training with Afghan police forces.

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Much straining to get the extra Americans. As I understand it, there are more than twice the latest surge already there and doing fu*k all? Blur got them into it and he should be made responsible under all his highly-paid hats for making them battle effective. Soldiers fight. They hold ground while do-gooders work. FWIW, my opinion is that a lot of NATO just look to do good while we sacrifice lives in the hot bit

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