US Commander Says Taliban, al-Qaida Work Together in Pakista

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jan 23, 2008.

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    US Commander Says Taliban, al-Qaida Work Together in Pakistan
    By Al Pessin
    23 January 2008

    A senior U.S. commander in Afghanistan says Taliban and al-Qaida forces in the Pakistan border area are turning their attention more toward Pakistan, and are working together to hit Pakistani forces. Major General David Rodriguez spoke to reporters at the Pentagon Wednesday, and VOA's Al Pessin reports.

    General Rodriguez says better security in his area of eastern Afghanistan, and increased turmoil in nearby areas of Pakistan, have led Taliban and al-Qaida groups based in the border area to focus on Pakistan and work together more than in the past.

    "Many of them, we have seen over the last year, are coordinating with each other more based on their short term goals, rather than their long term goals, which are not necessarily the same," he said. "So, I think that they will move to where the best opportunity is to get the highest payoff. Right not, that probably seems to be in Pakistan, based on what is going on in the last couple of months here."
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  2. If their new strategy is to refocus their main effort into Pakistan in the hope of installing a anti western government it will have serious consequences for our supply lines to Afghanistan with the effort being made even more difficult.
  3. And this is NEW Intelligence?

    Where do they think Bin Laden has been for the past couple of years, in Kabul?

    For them, it make purfect sence, to mass their support and give them more and better bases in Pakistan in which to launch their attacks north!

    Why do you think Bhuto was murdered?
  4. Pakistan seems an easier target (in these more remote areas anyway), I wonder what is next- will Pakistan let the US into these areas if they keep being overrun?
  5. No its not new intelligence articles of this nature have been on the Afghan thread for some time now. What is different is that it now is being admitted by a Nato commander. I agree from the Taliban side it makes very good sense but if they succeed it will be very dangerous for Nato in Afghanistan.