US Colonel and Major killed in Kabul

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. You know, if Afghans focused on self-improvement, rather than pious destitution, they might get somewhere in the world.

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  2. Why did the yanks burn the Koran in the first place?
  3. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Because they were inattentive and poorly trained. Apparently, the Korans were inadvertently part of a clean up effort. The soldiers doing the work were unaware of the problem until it was pointed out to them by locals. By then the damage had been done.

    One might think that given the issue has arisen on several other occasions that there would have been specific training to avoid a repetition. Unfortunately for all concerned this was not the case.

    Local tradition has it that any member of the group that committed a serious violation may be held accountable, whether they were directly responsible or not. While we may be appalled by the response, many of the locals see it as an acceptable one.

    Now, in fine journalistic fashion the killing of the officers and the Korans being desecrated are being presented as linked. This isn't actually clear. The killings may be quite separate.
  4. Weren't the shooter and the victims in an argument about the burning prior to the event?
  5. Where does it say they were a Colonel and a Major? I didn't see/hear any specific ranks.
  6. They accidentaly burnt a Koran,
    it was an accident, so maybe a small apology. Nothing else.

    These muslims are just ****ing spacked up jhadwankershits.
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  7. I'm a stranger to religion (as in 'I don't believe')

    Many (most?) Afghans are believers - in a way that most UK churchgoers aren't, and don't 'get'.

    This could be a 'Bloody Sunday' moment for the campaign in AFG: a critical setback; an event which blows away most of what little hard-earned credibility has been earned by the Coalition so far.

    Given the tight timeline for UK/US drawdown, I'd say this is serious cause for concern.
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  8. Explain why? That's the outrage that perpetuates this very circle!
  9. I'm firmly of the view that the vast majority of Afghans just want to earn a bit of money, buy food for their families, send their kids to school and get on with life.

    They might not like ISAF because they 'bring trouble' and most of them hate the Taliban with a passion because they're nothing more than a Jihadist, Pakistani Mafia.

    There are very, very few "savages" in Afghanistan.
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  10. Because the desecration of war graves in a city where British policy prevented a massacre less than a year ago is NOT a proportionate or civilised response to what happened.
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  11. Only the dead have seen the end of war.

    The desecration whilst sad, happens here, I do believe you would be the first one on the bus!