US Col cant keep trousers zipped

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cynical_stab, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. BAGHDAD (AFP) - The US military charged a top commander on Thursday with aiding the enemy and fraternizing with the daughter of an inmate in a US-run prison he headed in the latest scandal to hit the military in Iraq.

    Still, if Bonkin' Bob is any sort of benchmark, he could well be about to forge a new career as a military rent-a-quote.
  2. He is also accused of having unauthorised possession of classified information, maintaining an improper relationship with an Iraqi interpreter, failing to obey an order and possessing pornographic videos. DVD is MUCH better quality

    Good skills.

    What has he done wrong ? Got his end away on Ops. That has got to be a result.

  3. he's dropped some clangers (like allowing one of your prisoners to use an unmonitored mobile phone, which ain't clever!), but the other charges like the porn one are typical of the US military. 'No fraternising' laws etc (& thats between squaddies!). And the yank MP's have NO sense of humour unlike the RMP's (ok maybe an exaggeration! :wink: ). Getting pulled over for speeding in the COB is a bit different than in the IZ/VBC etc-those cnuts have watched too much 'Cops'...

    The DOD have a clause called 'General Order 01' (all those in the know will now be rolling their eyes). I was sent it once and it's the biggest load of arrse ever. Drafted by some DC lawyer no doubt, it states what you can (very few entries) and can't do in theatre. Basically if you stand still and breathe you'll be photographs, porn, souvenirs, drink etc etc etc ad nauseum. It's a 'catch all' document like the old favourite 'conduct unbecoming'. After I read it I wanted to pack my shit up and leave :roll: what a load of pants.....
  4. Strange that a country that produces so much of the world's porn seems to have a collective sense of humour failure when anyone is actually caught with a stash...
  5. After the courtmartial finds him guilty, the option of a firing squad should be on the table for sentencing...
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  7. Your kidding right? Treason of course... his actions aided and abetted the enemy. Damned good chance that coalition casualties resulted from the information he passed along and the communications he allowed.