US Church plans to burn Quran's...Petraeus says don't be stupid

Book-burning of any type of book by anyone is a thuggish, anti-intellectual and stupid act, as is flag burning. In the age of the Internet, you cannot destroy an idea, especially not through burning a few of its symbols and carriers. So what message does the dimwitted Florida church hope to convey? "We don't like Islam?" An eloquent contribution to the world, I'm sure.

PS My dislike of all religion is clear from many of my posts on ARRSE, before ex-colonial and his type come on with the usual "hand-wringing apologists" crap.
It is being done *solely* to annoy Muslims. I have no doubt that US blood will be spilt, and not just in Afg because of this.

The self-serving, publicity seeking cretins will not have realised that Islam reveres Christ as a Prophet.
"Mr. Jones leads a tiny church of just 50 people, but his threat to burn the Muslim holy book has been condemned around the world and has garnered him international attention."

Well he's got what he wants then. I am only surprised it has taken this long for some small minded American to announce this. Sadly all groups tend to get judged by their most publicity hungry and often thus worst examples.
Maybe they should heed one of their former presidents -

We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.
~John F. Kennedy
'When you burn books, you eventually burn people.' Wot I learned in O Level History. This bloke must have done Domestic Science or something instead. RE possibly, given his job.
I demand equality!

Burn all religious books, of all pursuasions.
While I somewhat agree with the above if it were part of a greater initiative to eradicate organised religion from the face of the planet, the below also rings true:

Book-burning of any type of book by anyone is a thuggish, anti-intellectual and stupid act
It might be religious literature but there's something abhorrent about destroying the printed word as even if it is a catalogue of documented fantasy it's part of humanity's written history & "proof" of a period of moral evolution we're currently undertaking.
The US is a free country and stirring up inter-faith hatred unfortunately features in all the Abrahamic traditions more frequently than most believers would like to admit but he'd be better throwing a few stars and stripes on the bonnie and start picketing military funerals like yerman Phelps.

Pastor Fred banging on about Septics being a nation of sodomite flag idolaters at least isn't gifting the Jihadi sites with much useful anti-American propaganda, further endangering US troops. Jones, God help him, may he even be as sincere as Phelps clearly is but I suspect it's all for the sake of a bigger collection plate and his mug on Fox.
Personally im not arrsed about bibles or even flags being burned, what i am bothered about is burning muslims running through Glasgow Airport. :)
"How dare Al Queda try to bring religious terrorism and extremism to Glasgow - you're 400 years too late, boys, and you don't even have a football team!

How would I describe Scotland to an outsider? I'd tell them it's a country where people run up to a man who has set fire to himself - and PUNCH him!"

- Frankie Boyle.

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