US Chinook down in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. Apologise for the cut n paste

    A US military helicopter has crashed in Afghanistan, the military has said.
    The Chinook helicopter went down in the eastern province of Konar while carrying troops, the statement said.

    The cause of the crash was not known, nor was the fate of the passengers. A Chinook helicopter can carry up to 54 passengers plus a crew of four.

    The military said the aircraft had been participating in an anti-guerrilla operation. It was the second US Chinook to crash in the country this year.

    The BBC's Andrew North in Kabul says it appears that this incident is "more serious" than the previous crash.

    Eighteen people were killed in that crash, which took place during a sandstorm in April.

    It was the single heaviest loss of life for US troops since they invaded Afghanistan in 2001.

    US military forces regularly come under attack in Konar province.

    A man claiming to be a spokesman for Taleban told the BBC its supporters had shot the helicopter down, but there has been no independent confirmation of the claim.

    Source BBC website
  2. Yes the obvious answer is a quick scnellen mak deployment 16 Air Assault Brigade to deploy there and sort out the Bandits.
    No messing about can do their final work up in cuntry, soon sort the the guys who King George II has credited with fighting the Third World War.
    And to really beef up the infantry element, pack of all thoes jock battalions that we have so many of, far too many posting when they should be training.
  3. nice thinking, but the entire soviet army and a large chunk of the US military with all their technology, havent had much success against the guerilla warfare waged in Afghanistan over the years, would 16AA Bde with their 'vast' experience of mountain warfare make a difference? other than bogging us down, yet more overstretch and adding more names to the list of fallen?

    RIP to those who have died and condolences to their families
  4. OK MOD ya right disband the Brit army or allow it to remain in UK out of harm.
  5. The experience of previous British expeditions to Afghanistan has not been an entirely happy one.
  6. Did I say that either of those were my recommendations? I think not, should we be allowed to get ourselves bogged down in a US quagmire? and for what reason? there are no British interests in Afghanistan, no oil either.
    my post was what difference would 16 AAB with little or no mountain warfare experience make to the situation? Id say theyd make the same impact as the US and USSR (as it was then), stuck there with no exit stratagy and a mounting butchers bill.
  7. The latest from the BBC.

  8. We will just have to wait and see what occurs with a larger presence by our boys in Afghanistan. As we all know we are blostering our amount of troops by 5000 and heading down to the lovely outter area of Kandahar taking of the reigns from our American cousins. I think maybe there is to much scepticism with the belif that those bastrads cannot be defeated, because of such a termendous fight that they put up. It is the drug game over there now also, and drug dealers out fit thier troops with the best people they know how. We have to realize though Russia's was fight was a different time and a different reason.

    Cheers 2CB
  9. The Ahfganis will fight for the sake of fighting. We are all ready committed to send 5,000 troops. We have one new brigade who need to be sorted out. Quickist was is to place it into a combat situation where the troops and commanders will learn their role for real, just as my army learned their job on the streets of Belfast.
    The US equiped and aided the Taliban in it's fight against the Russians, I doubt that Russia would assist the Taliban now and without a long term supplier of weapons the Taliban would not be so effective.
    Pakistan is still a major problem. It was the US route into Ganistan and is full of its own internal problems, the Baluch being one of them, evil types knew them from Oman.
    The problem with armies is that politicians want to use them to do the job they cannot do by talking. Exspensive things modern technical armies, an you can either wrap then up in cottonwool and have them on show or get them dirty.
    Luv a good debate
  10. General Jackson is in the house!! :wink:
  11. Cum on ya do better then that. Shirley
  12. RIP