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US cash for Sinn Féin revealed

Awol said:
Imagine the American reaction if there was a "Friends of Al-Qaeda" openly raising funds in the UK.
How dare you compare an Irish organisation to Al Qaeda!?! The Irish are fighting for FREEDOOOOOOM from their English oppressors. Haven't you seen The Patriot? The English Army barricades villagers into their Churches and sets them ablaze!

Everyone knows the only reason we're fighting Al Qaeda is because they don't allow us to celebrate St. Mohammed's Day any more. Back in the olden days, for one twenty-four hour period of the year, everyone suddenly remembered they had a little Islamic ancestry in them and everything was peaceful. BTW, St. Mohammed's Day replaced St. Rasputin's Day some time around 1920, for reasons I can't remember...
You've gotta fight,
For your right,
To paaaarty!
Why on earth did the Yanks pay all this money for Sinn Fein? If they had agreed to take it all home with them, they could have had it for free...
dui-lai said:
Awol said:
Imagine the American reaction if there was a "Friends of Al-Qaeda" openly raising funds in the UK.
there is and they are
Really? I didn't realise that, they must be pretty low key.

Okay, imagine if we invited the head of Al-Qaeda to meet our head of State a la Gerry to the White House.

The only silver lining that I can see coming out of the war on terrorism is that the yanks have suddenly realised that the death of women and children is no longer 'romantic' or justifiable.
Phil306 said:
As an American, I find it quite disgusting. Those people should be prosecuted for giving aid to terrorists. Period.
Asshould Tony Blair, Hain etc for allowing SF (non-) MPs Parliamentary allowances and facilities.
Hey! Don't worry about drinking Guinness if you think that it'll contribute to the Provo's Gun Fund. It isn't the case; there are more British and American institutional investors than Irish ones who own the company, I believe...

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