US Camo Trials: Dessie DPM, Best Desert Overall Cam

Well looks like I've found something to get through a duty shift.

A very interesting Camoflage Detection Test report by the US Natick R&D center. It's pretty long winded reading (unless, like me, you're on nights at the mo') so you may want to save it till you've got some free time.

Report Link

If your feeling lazy however here are the results in brief...

Unsuprisingly, most of the desert patterns are shite in Woodland Backgrounds... and dessies are unfortunately one of the the worst! (I suspect it is only bottom to spare UCP's Blushes) but I think the Green Zone has shown us that already....
interesting, but not all that surprising. Desert DPM is Sh1t hot in alot of places, it just lets the side down once you go anywhere near a tree! (obviously) Although personally i think an 'urban' cam is almost pointless, buildings vary in size shape and colour/texture just as much as natural vegetation. The buildings used in the test are a tan/light brown, so obviously will favour some patterns over others.
Pity they didn't include temperate DPM - would have been interesting to see where it was placed.

(They could also include "British desert DPM accidentally washed together with red socks", "Junglies washed until they are almost white", and other great Britsh cam patterns....)

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