US BX's RAF Alconbury/Lakenheath

Discussion in 'US' started by Travelgall, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Got my Nebraska friend and his family over in March. I plan on giving them a taste of the states one day in between force feeding them good old fashioned British Grub. Are Brit Military personnel able to use these UK Based BX's if they waive their military ID under the guards nose?
  2. No, not even if you work on base - get yourself a friendly UK based spam - remember that spam ex-services have access.
  3. only if invited by us personal.. At least when my cousin was based there. We only had access to on base resteruants though. And no access to the px.
    This may all have changed since 1988 thougi

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  4. Why would you waive your ID? Esp under a guards nose?
  5. Alconbury closed yonks ago, the only 2 in that area are Lakenheath and Mildenhall
  6. My Apologies I thought it had all gone to Molesworth.
  7. I know that his appetite for tuck is prodigous but not even the Curse of St. Custards could consume it all, surely:

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  8. True, I had to deliver to the on base fire station a couple of years ago.
    The firemen there (all local Brits) weren't allowed to use any of the amenities there.

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  9. The shop in CMK closed down about two years ago although I believe they do have an online shop.

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  10. Access isn't the same as it used to be since 9/11 at Lakenheath, even before you reach the laid back septic on the inner gate, you will have to go through MDP and their MGS chums at the gate house, and they might have trouble trying to understand what exactly you are doing there!

    Molesworth/Alconbury are just admin satellites of other bases, precious little there now.
  11. I used to get crates of bud for $8 a shot from lakenheath. And stay on base sometimes.
    It was like being in a us town really, home from home for the yanks.
    I never got stopped at the gate with cases of beer strapped on the back of my m/bike

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  12. swot chizz chizz
  13. I spent the thanksgiving the year before at RAF Lakenheath - had a friend who was in transit and sponsored me onto the premises. I had my U.S. passport/ driver's license with me though....but should still work even if you're a Brit as long as you're signed in my someone (don't take my word for it).

    That was a nice dinner...tons of food and later got completely wasted on booze. :)
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  14. Screw it, I'll use that. Thanks Mate. For the UK I'll take em up to Yorkshire to get Proper Fish and Chips, Milton Keynes - no way. Jellied Eels won't be part of the diet - I like them.