US Bridge Collapse

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Aug 2, 2007.

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    A bridge has collapsed dramatically in Minneapolis, sending cars and people into the Mississippi river below.

    Footage shows other vehicles piled on top of each other on top of the bridge.

    A train is lying crushed underneath one section of the rubble.

    One US news report says a school bus with children onboard stopped just feet away from plunging into the river.

    Reports say at least one person has died but that number is expected to rise.

    US Homeland Security said there was no reason to believe terrorism was behind the disaster.

    It said the department was monitoring the situation.

    Witnesses said they heard a roar shortly before the structure disintigrated.,,70131-1278226,00.html
  2. Cheerful f ucker aren't you?
  3. A Bridge too far
  4. oldbaldy

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    Reported seven dead:
  5. Yea, I was watching this most of the night. It's a tragedy but I didn't expect it posted here. I'm still unsure what happened. Apparently one span was being resurfaced but nothing structurally was being worked on. It looks like both spans went down, unless they were linked. I'm thinking maybe the train went off the tracks or something. I hope the bus load of kids are ok. It reminds me of when the Sunshine Skyway (near my home town, Tampa) went down after a freighter rammed it. Deep sorrow for those lives lost.

    Reading up and looking at pictures, it seems the train was parked and it was one wide span, not 2 like I thought. From reports, the school children all made it off ok and the 8 missing workers are accounted for. That's a relief at least. From reports that some say a beam in the center gave way. It's still unclear why that would have happened. The bridge was 30 years old but was checked 3 years ago and found to be structurally sound.[/edit]
  6. Tragic as it is for the dead and injured I still have this nagging vision of a worker with a bolt in one hand, spanner in the other, saying "Oops!" as the dust settles.
  7. If that worker looks like your avatar he would have been the H&S rep, and I think his reaction would have been "D'oh !!".
  8. Its gone from seven dead to FOUR dead now on SKY NEWS at 1315. Still reckon that theres loads of cars unaccounted for though and bodies could be in them. Just watched the press conference dont these reporters ask the most stupidest questions :x