US boy hanged while copying Saddam

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by whit_RE, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. whit_RE

    whit_RE War Hero

    Not the families fault for letting him watch a hanging on TV then?
  2. Darwin at work again.................
  3. whit_RE

    whit_RE War Hero

    The first nominations for 2007 :lol:
  4. Goose_Rider

    Goose_Rider War Hero

    When I got home tonight, the missis was in the yard, dressed in khaki shorts and a shirt with her name and telephone number on the back, safety goggles on her head, eating her way through some locusts, a kangaroo's ball-bag and some green maggots from a six-foot table.

    The kids were filming this and egging her on in mock-Geordie accents, reminding her that there were 'stars to be won' and promising her 'some food for the camp'

    I'm not sure what prompted this behaviour, but I've banned them from watching all TV until they have settled down ...

    ... tccchhhh ... 8O
  5. Sounds a bit like Michael Hutchence.
  6. jason_2000x

    jason_2000x Clanker

    this shows that even what they show on the news should be subject to the 'water shed'... talk about it, but they shouldn't show it when children could be watching,

    jast night i was watching road wars, doesnt mean im going to rob a car, then take the police on a ride for half an hour, then say its wasn't me... (does sound fun though)

    his uncle and parents should control what they watch...

    lets let the kids watch 'scream', then watch them put on a silly mask and kill a few people...
  7. Forks

    Forks Crow

    Swine! I was going to say +1 in favour of Darwin's theory.
  8. slick

    slick LE

    Did she turn the fan on afterwards. I just got a mental image of some lad swinging around in circles. :eek:
  9. Must have been quite a challenge for a ten year old girl to record her brother whizzing round so fast, hence no leaked video as yet?
  10. Just like on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?
  11. But really if these lot are that stupid... can TV or anyone else be blamed?

    Where was the parental supervision? When they were watching the clips and when they were making hte nooses.
  12. I am going straight to Hell as I know I should be commiserating, but when people do this sort of thing I can't help but laugh, especially after reading Goose_Rider's and slick's comments... :roll: :oops: :muhaha:
  13. Green_Homer

    Green_Homer War Hero

  14. Chalky

    Chalky LE

    Now the US has all the excuse it needs to ban news from the television and the radio, lest people become too fecking suggestible.
  15. Devil_Dog

    Devil_Dog Crow

    Ok gentlemen, no need to taunt.