US born joining the UK Army.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MrLewis85, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. I was born in the USA; and hold duel British citizenship.

    Lived in the country for over a decade, but I’ve never lost the twang in my accent.

    I would like to ask anyone who is currently in the forces this question;

    Is their innate negative culture towards Americans?

    Asking as I’m going all out preparing, and don't want to be outside the group.

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Not that im aware mate, obviously ive only done the starting application, everyone appreciates what the US do, we would be quite stuffed atm in Afghan if they weren't there what with the helicopter fiasco going on

    We had some German bloke in our section at ADSC and although people obviously took the mick a tad it was only a friendly bit of banter and when we were knuckling down with other things he was exactly the same as everyone else. Expect abit of banter mate but it wouldn't be anything more... in my opinion again, technically im not in yet

    Out of interest why the British Army? Instead of the US? Presume you live in the UK permenantly?
  3. Yes, you Yankee git! (Wait for it... incoming)

    Look, I'm from a better country but joined the British Army because it needed the help (yes you do!). PM me if you want some advice on how to survive in the land of bad coffee, good beer and ferocious piss taking e.g., don't ask questions like the one you've just asked.

    Right, I'm headed for the stage 4 trench I've recently dug in the back yard now.
  4. If you join the British army you will have the piss taken out of you. This happens to everyone who joins. I doubt that a negative culture exists (to the USA) but there will be the odd knob. Most insults will just be banter. IMO.
  5. I tracked down the US Army recruitment office in my home town. Called them up and had a chat. Afterwards I came to the following conclusions;
    1, The recruiter sounded alien to me when compared to a British one.
    2, Most of the time was spent talking about college credits, I’m joining to fight for my country and learn a trade and not to pay for something else!
    3, Americans, for an outside perspective seem overtly religious, evangelical, crusader like, ideological republicans, etc just for the Queen/Country will do for me.
    4, My view of the US army is of a giant that causes terrific devastation whenever fighting (example Iraqi cities) although successful the smarter thing to do is what the British did in Basra and get the locals in control of the situation (for better or worse).
    5, Finally, despite being born from another place, I see England as home.

    Yes I live here permanently, my mom and dad are both British born citizens.

    I’m not worried about banter, I did go to school here, all I and say is thank god I wasn’t born ginger!
  6. You might a well join the Albanian army, loser.
  7. :rofl:

    I think that you will be OK!
  8. Read a similiar thread on the International part of this site. An Irish lad (from the ROI) was asking about joining the British Army and was worried that he might have the mick taken out of him (deliberate, yet awesome pun)

    The reponses were all along the line of: One uniform, one army etc I imagine you would get called Yank alot, as the Irish are paddy's the Scots are Jocks etc

    Other than that; you should be rocking.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Happened back in the 80's. In my old rifle company there was a lad who joined US born DUAL nationality etc and he wasnt known as Hank the Yank was he!
    However he did his 3 years and I met him afterwards. I recognised him but couldnt place him until he told me his nick name!
  10. Can you please bring some ammunition with you.

    Oh, and Kate from the B-52s.
  11. im half german and if got a bit of a german accent and i didnt have any problems thru my application process i think the british army is the the best army if u join up from a foreign country because they have people frome nearly every country in there
  12. You'll be fine if you get on and do your job properly. Half the British Army has "an accent" of one kind or another, be it Fijian, Irish, Scots, Geordie, London, etc. Of course people will ruthlessly take the piss, but if it wasn't your accent it would be something else. Get in there mate!
  13. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    First things first, let's get those words in the right sequence:

    Is their innate culture negative towards Americans?

    I trained a young man at Depot Queen's Div, about a hundred years ago.

    I was Lt Platoon Comd, he was US born, doing time as a soldier while he earned residential quallification to go to Sandhurst.

    Last time I saw him, I was a passed-over Major, he was a Lt Col.

    It is all about picking a cap badge where you will fit in.

    RGJ and LI battalions used to lean towards North Americans in my day (they are all Rifles now).

    If leg infantry is not your thing, Gunners and Sappers have a very decent track record of promoting on ability alone, without regard for race, creed, colour or (most insidious of all in our Army) socio-economic background.
  14. Think you're missing a large bit of the picture there...

    Ronnie12398, what is your major malfunction?
  15. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Errr - once 'pon a time I'd have said of Kate 'Ohh Yess!!'

    Now I know that she is:

    Older than me
    And fatter
    A rug-muncher.

    Slow down tiger.

    Ask Santa for someone hetero, about 25 yrs younger (and with Kate's figure at that same age) with blonde or brunette collar and cuffs instead. :D

    In the meantime - it's all in the wrist action, champ :wink: