US bolsters troops for Homeland Security


I came across this link posted on another forum. Is someone expecting trouble in the near future - I`ve never heard of "Aftermath News" but they quote the Washington post. Maybe one of the Spams can enlighten us?.

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3 CBT's increases the tools in the toolbox available for disaster response. 3 CBT's does not represent even a fraction of the number of troops which would be required to "conquer" the United States, or "repress" the citizenry. Look how much trouble we had with Iraq, a country the size of California, with far more forces available for counter insurgency and whatnot. The black helicopter crowd needs to go back to the drawing board.
Its just contingency planning. After Katrina the federal goverment learned it couldnt count on state national guards as being suffient for all possable events. So there tasking units already inside US with the additional job of being ready to deploy inside the US if needed and directing those units to undertake planning and training for those contingencys. The units charged with this will rotate as units deploy outside the US to Iraq and Afghanistan its not a permanent asignment for a unit just a task some will preform while there at home in the US between deployments.