US bid talk lifts Man Utd shares

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Feb 13, 2004.

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    Don't care how much money you have, you're still Mankies. :twisted:

    Good luck on Sunday, to the Mighty Cockney Heroes (Like we need it)
  2. R U bored PTP? You've copied more stuff from the BBC today then the BBC has on their website.

    The majority of Man Utd fans are not 'Mankies' (?). The true 'Manc' club is Manchester City, which boasts a proper Manchester fan base following. It is well known in Manchester that Man U fans are made of up of a high percentage of gay southern men who come to Manchester and watch a team made up of highly expensive, highly paid fairies and poofs.

    Edited for my spelling misteaks.
  3. Gunny are you a city supporter by any chance
  4. No. Stoke Newton FC.
  5. :?: :?: :?: :?:

    who are they? And dont say the footie team from stroke newton :)
  6. They are a footie team from Stoke Newton. :roll:

    Ill get my coat :oops: :oops:
  8. You did ask.
  9. Not Bored GH ,

    Just trying to find a greater variety of News stories to post on, and trying to find out what the Punters want. There will be more sports, especially after the Mighty Cockney heroes bury the mafia Boys mercenaries on Sunday

  10. [quote="The majority of Man Utd fans are not 'Mancs'[/quote]

    Urban myth. Not true.
  11. Ah ha yet another urban myth :lol:
  12. dont most of Man Utds fans come from exeter?
  13. Good Luck with the whole Malcolm Glazer thing...pretty soon he will want a new stadium, tax exemption and be setting up trailer parks for all the pikeys...all the while threating that he'll move the team if he don't get his way 8O

    He did it in my town here in Tampa when he took over ownership of the Buccaneers :D
  14. Some, but not all. Majority closet Londoners, sprinklering of Essex and some towards Yorkshire. Gay contingent from all over UK and Europe.

    Convoy, not a Utd fan shirley?

    PTP, up yours.

  15. Yes mate,

    I grew up in Moss Side but Irish catholic parentage meant that it was a toss up between supporting the reds or living in the back garden. :)

    As for the out of town malarkey, my mate based part of his uni thesis on it and came up with some interesting statistics. City and United have the same percentage of season tickets owned by people without the M postcode.

    Anyway, got me ticket and will be there tomorrow, doing my best "Shameless" impression.

    As for you PTP, get your regional colloquialisms right, what the fcuk is a "Mankie"?, a handkerchief for men?