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BBC reports a large explosion inflicting many cas at a US base in Iraq.

I can't seem to find a link to the story - anyone got more news ?


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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 December, 2004, 13:39 GMT

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Blast at US base in northern Iraq

An explosion has hit a US military base in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul causing "multiple casualties", the US military says.
The incident happened at 1200 (0900 GMT), the military said in a statement.

"The cause of the explosion is under investigation," the statement said. A spokesman gave no further details.

Mosul has experienced a surge in violence since the middle of November when insurgents overran police stations, looting weapons.

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Why couldn't Bliar have been the only cas ?

So far there have been 22 killed and 50 injured when a rocket hit a dining facility during the lunch meal. Casualty figures may go higher. It was a multi national base so the nationalities have not been released and there were civilian contractors at the base. My prayers are with those involved in this incident.
That is dreadful news

Condolences to the family ,colleagues and friends of those that died.
Rest In Peace

Lest we Forget
I am not being glib when I say Rumsfeld had better get his pen disengaged from his writing machine. Better still, give it to Dubya, who like our dear leader, thinks Iraq is worth it.

Rest in peace boys and girls.
Did our army learn that the green army is just a static target for the opposition.
It's police/intelligence work to track down the leaders/financiers of these muderous acts.
Not a good day!!! Casualties are mostly US Military, with some Contractors, these are the workers who staff the DFAC. Any one who wants further info, IM me and I will enquire.
Thanks very much for that MRR.

NB. Journo's , he don't mean you.
Eighteen months after "mission accomplished" and large numbers of troops are eating in communal tents. As this tragedy demonstrates this is a recipe for mass casualties - whether from rockets, mortars or IEDs, none of which are a new threat in this theatre - and someone should be shafted for this state of affairs. Perhaps this is a symptom of Rumsfeld's "you go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you want" state of affairs. :evil:
Jesus Christ that FOX article is the biggest load of babble

Open sources are reporting that this was a suicide bomber.

Given the size of the Dining Facilities on the American bases and the numbers who are fed in them, they are difficult locations to defend.
Just watching the ITV news and they also say that it was a suicide bomber - sadly I don't think that will be the last one.
Cutaway said:
Why couldn't Bliar have been the only cas ?:(
Brilliant...Two Jagz as President!

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