US attack insurgent stronghold Iraq 2005

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by modwatchdog, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me the name of the place that the Yanks attacked in 2005. I can`t seem to find any mention of it on the internet, but remeber if happening, or did I dream it?


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  3. Tall Afar, Mosul, Fallujah, etc. There were quite a few major assaults on insurgent strongholds during 05.
  4. That is interesting re - Mosul, Fallujah I thought they`d got those boxed off in 2004. Just goes to support the claim, that its all a bit hairy out there. So much for Bush`s `Thus ends the comabt phase` comment of 2003 doesn`t it really.
  5. Cheers Guys, Tall Afar was the one I was after.
  6. Tall afar was a hole. First day there my company was attacked by gunmen, and my buddy was hit by two 155 rounds hidden on the side of the road. Almost took his arm off. And blew out his eardrum and set their vehicle on fire.

    Stryker Cav unit there didn't bother to dismount and chase the enemy. They threw out a bunch of lead and ran away. Damn 2-14 Cav.

    We had to be the ones to set up a combat observation post there. And we were all the way in Mosul.
  7. Major combat operations were generally over. We just did major pushes to secure large parts of the city that were held by insurgent forces. Consider them large cordon and search operations to find weapons cache's and HVT's.
  8. Cheers Deucedfour thats really interetsing!! You should write a book, I for one would be very interested in reading it!!!

  9. Shit dude thats rough!!!!!!!

  10. Bloody hell, he`s lucky he wasn`t killed!!!!!!

  11. Too right! How's his recovery D4?
  12. He's good, got good mobility in his arm. He still has the chunks of metal they took out of him. They tried to rebuild an eardrum for him but it didn't really work out to well. I'm just glad he's still alive. He even drug out a friend who was knocked unconcious with that "dead" arm of his.

    Thanks for asking about his recovery, most people don't. And you know, sadly enough, those 155's were the least of our concerns. We've had strykers hit by anti-tank mines, 60 suicide car bombers with 5 or 6 155's in the trunk, and they tried to blow up a damn bomb buried underground that later took out 3 lanes of highway. Fun stuff!

    And there's a book coming out about us by michael yon. I'll be sure to let you know when it comes out.
  13. D4, would very much like to read the book you mentioned. Please let us know what its called, and when its due out!!!
  14. Why is the young lady in your photo, who is clearly a member of the Australian Army, wearing a USA bikini? we want answers!