US asked to come back to Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Aug 17, 2013.

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  1. Iraq Violence: Baghdad Asks For US Help

    Iraq has asked the United States for new help to fight extremists in the country less than two years after it forced American troops to withdraw.

    The request follows a resurgence of violence across Iraq and a renewed threat from al Qaeda extremists.

    The White House has largely turned its attention away from Iraq since US forces left in 2011.

    But the country has recently been hit with deadly bombings at a rate reminiscent of Iraq's darkest days, stoking new fears of a civil war.

    More than 1,000 Iraqis were killed in terror-related attacks in July, the deadliest month since 2008.

    The violence has spurred Baghdad to seek new US aid to curb the threat, said Iraqi Foreign Minister Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari.

    He said a US assistance package could include a limited number of advisers, intelligence analysis and surveillance assets including lethal drones.

    "There is greater realisation in the Iraq government that we should not shy away from coming and asking for some help and assistance," Mr Zebari said in Washington.

    He described US interest in Iraq after the 2011 troop withdrawal as "indifferent, completely" but said that seemed to shift as the White House realised al Qaeda's resurrection there.

    "Recently I noticed, and during this visit specifically, there is a renewed interest because of the seriousness of the situation and the challenges," Mr Zebari said.

    "I think that is because of the threat of terrorism, the threat of the renewal of al Qaeda and its affiliates has become a serious, serious concern to the US."

    American troops left Iraq in December 2011 as required under a 2008 security agreement.

    Both countries tried to negotiate plans to keep several thousand US forces in Iraq beyond the deadline to maintain security.

    But the proposal fell through after Baghdad refused to give the troops immunity from legal charges, as Washington demanded.

    Some 4,500 US troops were killed, and American taxpayers spent at least $767bn (£490bn) during the nearly nine years of war in Iraq.
  2. Realy round 3 is a bit of a piss take the only help they should be given is a one way trip to Hell mind you I am bitter and twisted over that shit hole.
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  3. Shouldn't have been quite so pissy over the SOFA then, eh?
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  4. No thanks.
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  5. I've just been reading the Daily Mash - and for one second I thought I was still reading it.
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  6. The Americans don't like going into battle alone. Now if they go, how are they going to coerce other nations to join them ?
  7. Iraqi internal violence eh? Oh dear, how sad, never mind.
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  8. Afghanistan...leaving with no significant improvement.
    Syria...Not interested unless it includes Allied assistance.
    Iraq...Twice bitten, forced out under a Political agreement to leave then a request to return as unable to cope...oh dear.

    All those years of training Iraqi troops may I ask?
  9. Lillypad 150kt airbursts all over that hole length and breath. Not worth sacrificing one drop of British blood as we would be dragged in if the spam's went. Why not just send that slimeball Blair to walk down the streets calling for peace. The lesson is clear, in that situation, remove the 'hard' man who has a foot on the neck of the population, whose management was 'piss me off and you end up dead' you get murder and anarchy. The lessons in the recent past started after Tito died in Yugoslavia, through Iraq, Libya, Morocco Syria and now Egypt. At least in Egypt the army took power again and tried to stop the trouble in the country and persecution of minority groups. Look at Lebanon, just an armed camp in many places. Israel has little to fear except Iran but not the others whilst they try to slaughter each other.
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  10. The only action of the Obozo Administration that I approved of. At least when the Iraqis wouldn't bend on the SOFA memo, the Chief Clown had the good sense to pull the army out in December 2011. We've had enough of rolling that Sysiphian stone up that particular hill thank you very much. Seal Team #6 got Bin Laudin and paid him back for knocking our towers down. Job jobbed. It's time to knock off for beer and medals.
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  11. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    'Please come back Yankees, we miss the contracts and your endless dollars and equipment you bought us for free, which we squandered and used to build our own riches and power bases....'

    Allow me to write the Whitehouse official spokesperson's response:

    'No, been there, did that, not coming; back you thieving, ungrateful, selfish bastards. You did not deserve our or our Allies blood and treasure then and sure as hell don't deserve it now.'

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  12. Come back USA. You didn't quite manage to make a total arse of it last time. Can you have another go?

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  13. Not sure they asked to be invaded either TBH.
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  14. Note to The USA when talking about Iran and Iraq remember they are Countries not Apple products.
  15. I fully support the US returning to Iraq to give assistance.

    B52 Arc Light Style.
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