US Army's Oldest Frontline Soldier

And he wants to do another tour? Impressive!

At 59 years old, Staff Sgt. Don Nicholas is the oldest soldier currently serving on the frontlines in Afghanistan. He served in the Vietnam War, but re-enlisted after 9/11, and has also served other tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.
When asked why he re-enlisted at his age, he said “it was the right thing to do.” Back home in Ohio he was a podiatrist, but he joined an Army psychological operations unit hoping to be sent to a war zone. His enthusiasm and dedication inspires other soldiers.After three wars and 63 months in combat zones, the Pentagon says Sgt. Nick must retire next summer when he turns 60. He’s not looking forward to it though, saying, “I want to be out there … as long as I’m able to do it, I’ll do it.”
The Oldest Soldier Currently Serving on the Frontlines in Afghanistan - Afghanistan - Fox Nation
Will he get a WO1's pension when he retires?
Doffs cap to him.
Will he get a WO1's pension when he retires?
If he's forced to retire he will retire at highest rank held, in this case staff sergeant E-6. IF he does get his direct commission, obviously he continues to serve and pension appropriate.

We had a CWO-4 in 1985 flying us in UH-1H's, Crazy as ****. He had been a Col and reached Max age for commissioned officers so resigned his commission to be a warrant as they could serve till 65 at the time.

He had been a Captain in the 100th Bomb Group, 8th Airforce USAAF in WWII, flying 75 missions in B-17F's and G's. Then stayed Army in 47 when the USAF was formed flying Helicopters and Bird Dogs, and Caribou, Providers, Mohawks. Served in Korea and 3 tours in Vietnam. He got a Col Pension when he was forced to finally retire.

I also had a fellow NCO in 2005 who was the same age serving in an Infantry company. He was a 12B Combat Engineer backfilled to make up shortages. did his job without complaint. Grandpa now spends his time with his 4 grandkids up in Niagra NY.
Interesting that he enlisted. As a podiatrist he could have been a direct commission into the Medical Service Corps. Well done that man.

One of the trivia night regulars at my local pub just came back from a year in Afghanistan. He was in a National Guard, crew chief on a "Mike". He went over at 59 and came back at 60. His unit was medevac.

Mark The Convict

'he was a podiatrist, but he joined an Army psychological operations unit'

He'll keep the enemy on their toes.
playing footloose and fancyfree with the age regs, I'd say

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