US Army's Oldest Frontline Soldier

Discussion in 'US' started by Tartan_Terrier, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. And he wants to do another tour? Impressive!

    The Oldest Soldier Currently Serving on the Frontlines in Afghanistan - Afghanistan - Fox Nation
  2. Will he get a WO1's pension when he retires?
  3. Doffs cap to him.
  4. If he's forced to retire he will retire at highest rank held, in this case staff sergeant E-6. IF he does get his direct commission, obviously he continues to serve and pension appropriate.

    We had a CWO-4 in 1985 flying us in UH-1H's, Crazy as ****. He had been a Col and reached Max age for commissioned officers so resigned his commission to be a warrant as they could serve till 65 at the time.

    He had been a Captain in the 100th Bomb Group, 8th Airforce USAAF in WWII, flying 75 missions in B-17F's and G's. Then stayed Army in 47 when the USAF was formed flying Helicopters and Bird Dogs, and Caribou, Providers, Mohawks. Served in Korea and 3 tours in Vietnam. He got a Col Pension when he was forced to finally retire.

    I also had a fellow NCO in 2005 who was the same age serving in an Infantry company. He was a 12B Combat Engineer backfilled to make up shortages. did his job without complaint. Grandpa now spends his time with his 4 grandkids up in Niagra NY.
  5. Interesting that he enlisted. As a podiatrist he could have been a direct commission into the Medical Service Corps. Well done that man.

    One of the trivia night regulars at my local pub just came back from a year in Afghanistan. He was in a National Guard, crew chief on a "Mike". He went over at 59 and came back at 60. His unit was medevac.
  6. 'he was a podiatrist, but he joined an Army psychological operations unit'

    He'll keep the enemy on their toes.
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  7. playing footloose and fancyfree with the age regs, I'd say
  8. He clearly knows all the bureaucratic tricks and ankles.
  9. Is he a Rechy Mech?

    He's clearly capable of sorting out a tow...
  10. He'd know his drill too. He'd always be instep.