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Discussion in 'US' started by Logan89, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. Wondering how people view them. Not trying to turn this into an anti american topic, just curious about peoples opinions.
  2. Very nice guys, generous and competent.
  3. US Army?

    United States Ain't Ready to be Marines Yet.
  4. I once worked with a USA Major (he was artillery, which some would regard as a handicap) he was a good bloke with a sense of humour. Can't judge him on his professional abilities as he was technically missemployed, in a ground liaison role, but he got the job done. I had more experience with the USAF, oh dear. I'm just glad that Ivan stayed his side of the border. A RNLAF officer who once flew with us in the 2 seater in bad weather stated that he was quite happy to fly with the RAF, but would never have done the same with the USAF. Too often it was a case of all the gear but no idea.
  5. The chaps from the US Army I have worked with have all been good. The WOs have been excellent and not at all like the image of them projected by that cnut Chief 2.
  6. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Generally competant, very hard-working and conscientious people. I have had one work for me in the past - excellent performance and a good bloke. I have worked for them in turn - they do business a bit differently (powerpoint mad) but they look after their people in the main and have much respect for the British, especially HM Forces. You get good and bad as we do but on the whole, good people who are very proud of their country and their military.
  7. There wonderfull people, but i don't agree that they are the best army in the world IMO.
  8. One of our officers used to work with the US Army a lot, he said their WO's are spot on but their O/R's didn't seem to be the sharpest tools in the box.
  9. USAF firefighters are good but only do one job i.e, drivers only drive to the fire & then they've completed there bit for the day. Good kit which is easily stolen
  10. This post seems like troll bait, but I'll bite.

    Having served in the US Army for ~10 years, there are good and bad in all ranks and branches of the US Army.

    I've served with exceptional NCO's and those that were oxygen thieves. I've seen my fair share of asshat officers that were only interested in advancing their careers and those that were genuinely exceptional leaders.

    All-in-all, my time in the US Army has been outstanding. It's all about the brotherhood and the person standing next to you.
  11. Worked alongside the Yanks for four years in Germany in the 70's.
    By and large found them to be a damned good bunch of lads.
    One thing I did learn from them is that it is NOT a good idea to get
    in a whisky drinking contest with the guy's from Kentucky. Mind you they
    did bring me some of their own 'special brew' back from the States
    as a way of apologising for me being comatose for 2 days :oops:
  12. We had a load of americans attached to us (nuclear regt) and i thought that they was good eggs , did bump into a few mongs , but on the lash they will do anything we can do , but we do it with style 8)
  13. I did some time with 10th CAV air unit back in the 77s in Budingan, great kit , they had 36 helos to do the same job as us we had 6 Bell Westland Sioux ahMK!s
  14. How would you know? You're not even in the forces yet.
  15. Only people that ever shot at me (Not me personaly of course but at the veh i was in) in Iraq were the Americans. Happened a couple of times during the tour i was on, they even engaged the COs wagon once and at all times we were displaying all of the proper insignia, Union Jacks etc, oh yes and we were in British uniform which was a bit of a giveaway i thought................. Nuff Said.