US. Army vs British Army

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wingnut87, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. I have to ask besides the US Army having a lot of nice kit and the like, what are some of the major differences?

    I have heard that the British Army is a lot more relaxed in comparison, and that the camaraderie is a lot tighter because people stay with in the same regiment for a longer time.

    Also, how do promotions work in the British Army? If I was a Private how would I move up to Lance Corporal and the like?

  2. The major difference is that the US army is full of septic and the British army is full of Brits.
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  3. There is at least one in the US. Army I am sure of it, I mean aside from the... extremely obvious.
  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    The British army is tiny- the cost currently is about $70 billion in $$ - as comparison the Marine Corp alone in the USA costs about $150 billion.

    However wtf the MOD spend the money on god alone knows - the French (swines) have a similar budget, 30% more men, a working carrier with attendant flying things, military hospitals, decent gat for the last 20 years - the list is embarrasingly endless.
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  5. Yanks move up in rank real fast, but from what I have gathered their Corporal (aka Sergeant for them, same rank) range in quality from absolute mongs to good. That, and their promotion system is half politics- if someone doesn't like one of them they will never see anything higher then where they sat when they came under them.

    With the British Army does the promotion come from merit, time or a mixture of both?
  6. Is your life truly that ******* dull?
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  7. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Only the tier 2 units are direct entry, much the same as ours.
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  8. College report mate.

    There is enough beer and breasts in this area to keep a whole battalion happy!
  9. In the British Army, promotion can be gained in one of two ways:

    If female -by sleeping with your boss.

    If male, by marrying your boss's ugly daughter.

    There is no such thing as a free lunch in the British Army but the Yanks have all-you-can-eat Lard buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hope that helps.
  10. I call Wah and claim my $5.00- well 10 since it isnt worth as much as a quid.
  11. In the US Army you can have a fag in the showers.
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  12. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    The British Army likes Sheds - The US Army likes ... wait for it... Hut Hut Hut!

    Ba dum tish! Thang ye verr much, i'm here all week!
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  13. Don't know where you've heard that, but promotions are definitely NOT quicker or easier in the US Army. Advancement to SNCO grade (E-7 and above) is definitely hard to get as these advancements are handled by centralized promotion boards. That means a G.I. has to compete for the relatively few slots in the senior grades against every other swinging dick in the Army (or dripping clam) and some jobs like blanket stacking will have fewer senior grade vacancies than others like infantry. A good record with positive evaluation reviews with a lot of strong bullet points helps too, but there are still an awful lot of people who get passed over.

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  14. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    you work hard, do a few courses and sleep with your sgt and then you get made up to lance jack after a few years.

    you would think that as the americans train longer and equip better they would produce better soldiers but amazingly the opposite is the case which isnt meant to be detrimental to the yanks but I think that the mothering and working to a set almost programmed routine with no differentiation means they produce something akin to a conscript which wasnt regarded as much better than the soviet equivalent(on the bus off the bus charge at the enemy), if you were smart then they would send you to a trade school. it allmost seems that they make you a pfc or spec 4 just for being able to tie your shoelaces. as you said though they over rank so a sgt does a cpls job which I suppose makes a regular american private what we might call a lanceprivate like old jonesy. The british way is still to beast you but you are free to think outside the box and find your own way as long as the end result is what they are after, you might not get promoted but they do give you the responsibility to see if you can hack it first.

    they didnt do it in my day but you can literally join straight up from anywhere in the world now once you have a green card and they are even using it as a reason to fast track citizen ship which is why a lot of central and south americans are joining up. their own kids are too thick too fat or too lazy to join up, just like us which is why we have a large number of nepalese and commonwealth bodies making our numbers up.
  15. That owl looks mightily pissed off.
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