US Army trials New dress uniform- WW2 style Pinks and Greens

Discussion in 'US' started by Goldbricker, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. No it doesn't.
  2. Didn't the US switch to modern materials because that old-fashioned stuff failed the tests of combat?
  3. I like it, that just looks right.
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  4. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

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  5. I thought that it was because they just liked polyester.
  6. Well, I think it’s just fabulous.
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  7. It compares very favourably with the USMC equivalent and will do the US Army's image no harm.
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  8. Will the airborne still do this?

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  9. Didn't we do all this once before? USMC uniform came out as the smartest. To be fair this new Army one looks better than that ludicrous Blue Civil war affair.
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  10. I seriously hope NOT !!

    Friends in the 82nd Airborne did not like it - preferred the Greens - but I think this one is much better - with the original Jump Boots !!:-D
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  11. W P

    W P War Hero

    They'll introduce this one, then in a few decades they'll decide to make it look more modern, which everyone will hate, so they'll scrap it after realising the 'blues' can do the same job, & then reintroduce this one, then in a few decades...
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  12. Looks decent as far as I can see. Too bad the Canadian Army scrapped the Khaki summer uniform they had back in the 90s and 00s, I thought that looked much sharper than the Rifle Green that Hellyer forced upon us in 68.
  13. Like this one?

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  14. If you mean the polyester it was strictly a maintenance and price reasons.

    Easier for the Soldier to maintain, cheaper for the Army to buy, the older Green Class A was a worsted wool winter weight and a lighter summer. around 83 the army want to go to one uniform for year round use so went with the increasingly cheap looking polyester blends.

    At the time most use of the Class A was once a month payday activities, special parades, and traveling. Everyday wear was the BDU and other fatigues (Jungle, ERDL and OG507 perma press). the only groups which wore it regularly were Pentagon types and recruiters
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