US Army to pull out of RAF Hythe

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. More than 200 jobs are to go after the US Army said it will pull out of the Hampshire military base within five months.

    The US Embassy has given notice to the MOD that it will quit RAF Hythe by September 30th.

    The Base is used to service & repair military tug boats & other water equipment. About a dozen MOD Police guard the facility.

    " To be honest, I pass there daily and it looks like a graveyard!!. I think this is the last establishment that the US Army have now in the UK apart from other US Airforce Bases & Naval installations."
  2. And Menwith Hill, Fylingdales (that's my IP clocked, time for the tin foil hat)
  3. Not really an up to date contribution but...

    About 15-20 years ago, my firm sent me to RAF Hythe to investigate the foundations of the seaplane hanger. (As it turned out there weren't any!) The bloke on the gatehouse, who let me in, apparently had been there from the 1930s and told me the whole history of the place. It seems that RAF Hythe was the place where the Supermarine S6B, winner of the Schneider Trophy, was housed. At the time I visited, the place was empty. This was a time when, with the TA, I also visited a lot of other RAF stations with a view to closing them down (Fairford included). So, I'm surprised to hear that RAF Hythe was taken over by the Spams.

    Does the S6B hanger still stand, and is there any intention to preserve it?
  4. I think you may find (Correct me if im wrong) the Aircraft was based at Calshot, then RAF Calshot. This is about 4 miles up Southampton Water. During WW2 the station was mainly concerned with the repair,maintenance and modification of RAF flying boats & also where Aircraft Man Shaw was based commonly known as T.E Lawrence. Closed in 1961, Calshot todays still has the massive flying boat hanger which is now an activity center. It also has two other hangers called the Sopwith & Schneider.

    Below is a pic of Calshot, and to be honest, not much has changed at all, you can still see the original hangers.

  5. I'm not going to dispute, as the information that I have is that which was passed on by someone else. Googling informs me that that Hythe was used by Supermarine for manufacturing seaplanes. The hangar that I visited was not the massive building that is shown below:
    but a much smaller one.
  6. what about raf croughton? always see american style police cruisers going round the perimeter whilst commuting on the a43.

    (oops out of tinfoil 8O )

  7. You are correct in that Supermarine hanger was at Hythe. Judging by the photo, it does look like that that old hanger was nearby the present RAF Hythe.
  8. RAF Croughton is a communications base and operates one of Europe's largest military switchboards and processes approximately a third of all U.S. military communications in Europe
  9. You will find Menwith Hill is a joint NSA/GCHQ establishment. That wont be going anywhere in a hurry!!

    Fylingdales looks like a indoor rock climbing centre!!